Subdued Geometry

This subdued, yet bold style, is Ghee´s VIP gift for march. A geometric print, shift dress in five standard sizes and for Belleza, Maitreya and SLink mesh bodies.

Ghee – Monochrome Eye Candy March 1018 Group Gift + Original Mesh Enamelled Rondo Earrings. Luxe – Pyramid Bracelet and Ring. Doux – Luna Hair. Flite – Lowtop Duck Sneakers.

Easter Weekend Update

The Caspertech Gridwide Easter Egg Hunt March 30 – April 2

The Hunt returns for a few days only!

Don’t miss your chance to get the pop-art inspired Eye Candy Shift Dress in a pattern of bright colours from Ghee.

To find it, you will need a Hunt HUD. To get it click here.

HINT: The Ghee-ster bunny has a lot of places to visit this Easter!

Happy Hunting and Happy Easter!



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