Pour That Salsa on Me

Brave young warriors, female ways,  

    morning back out in the reign.


 shattered blames,    

forcing the show of wings-n-capes.

To all our wonderful, strong, hard-working, creative, giving, loving  and irreplaceable  women in SL and everywhere

Happy International Women´s Day!

We always joke around in the family in regard to mine and my siblings apparent lack of what we call, that salsa brain chip. That ingrained ability to listen and dance to Salsa Music all day long which seems to permeate the DNA of most Latin-Americans, specially in tropical countries.

The first time I attempted to dance to it at a party in my early teens, I watched  myself in horror as my feet seemed to go in the exact opposite direction of everyone else´s rhythmic combinations of  back and side steps, shoulder shakes and sensual hip sways. Mine were more akin to a Latinamerican variation of an Irish jig gone painfully wrong.

I however, took comfort in the fact that most probably, nobody was really taking notice, until I came across the half smirks and contained laughter of my so called friends. A year later I had mastered the proper steps, but in my heart of hearts I felt that I  was merely faking it. I lacked that Salsa music gene and this set me apart like a sore thumb.

Nonetheless, I recently ¨discovered¨  The Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra, and they have won me over with their mix of indie rock and salsa. I just couldn´t be happier to say that the way they play it seems to –  at last – be putting some  ¨Salsa¨ on my  jigs.🍀

Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra Lonely Boy

(Black Keys Salsa Cover)

Style Info

Asymmetrical back plunging minidress with one long sleeve. Available in twelve colours plus eight additional ones with the Fatpack.

Giz Seorn – Gwyneth Dress Fatpack Exclusive@Cosmopolitan EventSG –  Domus Ring. Garbaggio – Fishbone Sandals. ISON – spy neck. Pure Poison – Locked Hand Cuff.  RAMA SALON –  Hair.




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