Raising My Dumb-Ohh Flag

You´ve Got to Either Run or Play Dumb
Smile and Nod. Right?

Last night I was watching the Grammy´s and  when one of my favourite bands began performing, the cable channel/company must have made a mistake because it cut off their performance for some advertising.


I´m sure it was an ¨honest¨ mistake and something must have gone wrong in my part of the world.

Perhaps the sponsors were due right at that very moment?

Yeah, I´m sure!

Just in case you could not watch their performance either –  for the same reasons as mine or not –  here it is!

U2- Get Out of Your Own Way

(Live from the 60th Grammys)

Style Info

A gown with baguettes ¨in vitro¨ on the deeply cut strapless top. It cuts even deeper on the back all the way to the mid-waist.

The skirt has a tulle over skirt creating modern romanticism. The stole comes with a Colour HUD. It can be worn with the simple pearl jewellery shown before here.

Ghee – Sia Ballgown in Graphite + Shoulder Fur Stole  @ Sense Event. Entwined – Hair Eva. Moondance – Meili Jewellery.



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