La Belle Paname

That was not a typo. It is the name in slang for Paris and it touches me deeply in more ways than one.

Speaking of which, I am totally in love with  the ´it´s all about the women´ French Pop-Soul Band, HER.

Don´t miss their performance at the Palais Royal below. I took a stroll on my own right there, the last time I saw Paris.

Security Update for MAC OSX 10.11.6 & Nvidia Web Drivers

If you are a MAC user of El Capitan (for my SL´s sake I always stay an OSX behind) and you downloaded and installed the 2018-001 Security Update for OSX 10.11.6, you may have found that it broke your latest Nvidia Web Driver 346.02.15f11.

If this is the case, you can either use the Official Second Life Viewer which has improved a lot, or if you are Firestorm user and/or absolutely need the latest update to your Nvidia Web Drivers, give thanks to WeBeRio.  He posted the latest Nvidia Web Driver 346.03.14f12 here. I tried to thank WeBeRio on the site, but I could not find a way,  so I am doing it here. Thank you so much!

Her – Swim & Union

Live at the Palais Royal

Style Info

Sexy, feminine and delicate, this strapless chantilly lace body comes with a short silk robe with loose hanging ties, ´porte-jarretelles´ and beautiful thigh high hose.

Ghee – Linda Lace Basque + Silk Robe + Stockings for Mesh Bodies only. In six colours via HUD @The XXX Event January. Azoury – Soundless Jewellery Set. Doux – Hair. Catwa – Bento Head. Empire – Bergamot Pumps. Anxiety – Mesh Build.


7 Comments Add yours


    wow! so much Memories from Paris, France. Youre truly blessed with those. Another Town in the World, which is quite compatible to Paris, is St Petersburg in Russia, so much beauty. Its like walking in Paris. The Music is better in France of course. The Blues Cave`s out there are astonishing.

    1. My dearest Eero, I ´ve yet to go there. It would surely be a trip! Thank you so much xox

  2. Starr says:

    Very nice post ♥

    1. Hi Starr! thank you so very much! 😀 hugs

  3. Francis.R. says:

    It’s a very nice name for Paris indeed. For my city is “the little Chicago” for the winds and some thing a bit the gangs xP

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Francis. I was not aware of that. The winds must feel wonderful!

      1. Francis.R. says:

        Indeed we use many names for wind according to its intensity. Fortunately there are whirls but never hurricanes.

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