Time Ever Changing

Time to assess our SL year? Here are some questions to help us with the process…

We may, of course, answer them in the privacy of our own minds or share the answers with the rest of us in here. Whatever you do, just have fun with it!

  1. Using one or two words describe your 2017 SL.
    • Life changing.
  2. One or two things you are grateful for in 2017 SL?
    • A beloved family member´s survival in RL which also impacted SL.
    • NVIDIA WEB DRIVERS Updates for MAC that I first found on the Firestorm Web Page and which allow me to sustain a decent SL experience every time there is an OSX update.  For El Capitan. For Sierra. Without them I would have had to leave SL!
  3. What was your greatest accomplishment in 2017 SL?
    • Taking a few building classes and helping some people out.
  4. Which is your favourite SL SIM for 2017?
  5. Who was always there  for you in 2017?
    • A very select small group of people to whom I am forever grateful!
  6. What was the most important thing  you learnt?
    • To preserve our vital energy and choose our battles, letting the rest slide off our Teflon coats.
    • Not to talk about politics with extremists on either side. Respectful discussions are always welcomed!
  7. The biggest obstacle you overcame?
    • Balancing RL and SL work.
  8. The biggest compliment you received?
    • ¨You are so beautiful inside¨.
  9. The biggest insult?
    • When someone smeared the bad actions of some, on the entire country I live in. Irresponsible generalizations like that are so dangerous and manipulated. We must remain awake!
  10. Who or what impacted your world most positively?
    • Staying true to myself and to that in which I believe in.
  11. Memorable moment spent with friends?
    • Each talking session with my SL brother.
  12. Your worst SL moment this year?
    • When my RL dog passed away and when I log into SL three days later finding her SL version coincidentally missing for good from my SL flat. Such a strong message!
  13. Your best SL moment this year?
    1. When I heard from one of my original SL sisters who had not logged in soooo lonnnngggggg.
    2. When my SL family member IMed me to say he was alive!!!!!! So grateful.
  14. Your funniest moment?
    • Every time I talk with my SL sister. We make each other laugh each time, even when either one of us is feeling down.
  15. In one word, what do you want your SL 2018 to be?
    • Productive!

To all of you, thank you for everything that you have done, given and taught me in 2017.

From my Heart to yours, Happy 2018 !!

Empire of The Sun – On Our Way Home

Style Info

Long sleeved, cropped, open top that ties around the neckline worn with matching bell bottom waist high pants. Available in several colors which you can mix and match. GIZ SEORN – Aria Jacket [FatPack] + Aria Pants [FatPack] @ District 20LODE –  Head Accessory – Iris [red]. 2018 Color Change Headband@SL´s  Market Place.  SG –  Domus Ring.  DeLa – Fitted Mesh Hair “Adelia” Dark Blondes (Materials).





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Happy New Year 2018, my friend, and I’d love another SL sister if you are seeking another SL brother 🙂

    1. Mozzz I would be sooo honoured!!!! I am so grateful for that. Happy new year dear brother! tight, tight hugs!!!

  2. Francis.R. says:

    Thank you for a beautiful 2017, dear Landa. I hope your 2018 can be a beautiful year, not sure I should say better as anything we live makes us who we are and makes us learn, but certainly I hope it treats you with kindness. n_n

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful message Francis. I wish you a kind 2018 akin to you! xox

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