Waiting for Some Kind of Miracle?

Here it is in a way. I’m starting this post with the words of Tiy and with her permission:

Many vulnerable people come to SL looking for companionship and love and are getting into emotionally abusive situations.

SL mirrors and amplifies societies issues: sexual and emotional abuse, racism, sexism and rape culture all thrive and are given voice in SL almost without challenge.

It is past time we start tackling these issues and SL becomes a healthier safer place for everyone who likes to spend time there.

THANK YOU MORGAN for pioneering this work – we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

Further, by having these classes in SL Morgan is giving people in RL abusive relationships who otherwise would not be able to access this information safely, an opportunity to start healing and the resources to leave the relationship.



Emotional abuse in Second Life or online can be devastating. It affects people´s RLs in all areas. MMorgan Whifield a resident and owner of the Care and Hope Center in Second Life is trying to tackle this issue  in order to help empower people to stop domestic abuse, either physical, emotional or both, and to break the cycle of engaging in unhealthy relationships, be them romantic or otherwise,  in both lives.

The class is free and open to all Second Life Residents and will be held on January 12, 2018 at 6PM SLT.  If you are interested to attend please mark your calendar. Here is your Limo. For further information please read below.

Free to all SecondLife Members

Sub  Focus – Endorphins ft. Alex Clare

Style info

Pic 1 – This is the brocade version of the Rick outfit and can be worn by both female and male bodies with a small alteration of your chest´s size. It comes in two versions with or without a shirt and it is available in several colours. Giz Seorn – Rick Coat Brocade without Shirt +Rick Pants with Boots.

Pic 2 – Beautifully textured sweater dress with a HUD that allows you to change the print. Giz Seorn –  Denise Sweater Dress [Winter Friends] +  Chi-Chi High Boots.

On both outfitsGhee – SS16 Chunky Earrings. LUXE – Pyramid Ring Gold +  Wrapped Up Choker Gold Tip. TRUTH – Ginevra Hair




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Francis.R. says:

    With time and dedication each world we create stops to be virtual and is actually a real place for us. It is easy to forget that for some persons that think the abuse is just virtual, in some cases because immaturity (don’t want to use the word troll as sometimes it is quite subjective who is troll and just who calls this way to other person just because sheer intolerance) or actually because deep inside they really enjoy seeding the damage they cannot in their daily life.
    But as strong they seem stronger is the community that wants to enjoy any place, persons as yourself, dear Landa. : )

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Francis. MMorgan´s initiative is really commendable as perhaps a lot of us have talked about it but few have actually done something to make a positive change and empower people to learn to recognize potential abusers from the very start. Please help spread the word about her January 12 class! xox

  2. Moz Loordes says:

    Well done, Morgan. It would be good to video these classes and put them up somewhere for folks who cannot attend that time zone, for instance it is 2 am at night on the GMT time zone.

    1. Hey Moz this is a great idea. I will pass it on! Thank youuuuu!!! xox

    2. Hi Moz here´s MMorgan´s reply to you: That is a wonderful wonderful idea Moz! I love that. I am going to figure out a way to have the class on video so those who cannot attend, can still benefit from it. {{BIGGEST HUGS}}}


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