Bits and Crumbs

Intermittent bits and crumbs? They only work for Hansel and Gretel; otherwise sooner or later we are bound to get terribly hungry.  And when we do, we’ll  take a look at the menu and go … ahhhhh!

Grace VanderWaal

So Much More Than This

Style Info

Corduroy jeans paired with a puffy short coat. Worn with mittens and the warmest of snow boots (these will be shown on my Flickr page soon).

Ghee – Fall17 Jumbo Cords + Puffa Coat, both in graphite + Snug Booties with Texture HUD@The Frozen Event until December 23 + Cream Cable Knit Mittens.  Hair and Beanie by Entwined – Camille. The Skinnery – Zita Winter Blush.



4 Comments Add yours


    Windy, Warm and Ghosy all over. Lovee it. Warm chocolate added.

  2. Francis.R. says:

    Loving your victorious smile! ^____^

    1. Thank you Francis. It is the smile of finally reaching profound understanding over something! ❤ Hope you are doing well!

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