Modern Cuban Kitsch

Ghee Embroidered Mini

¨… I loved him when I left him …  ¨ C.C

Byrne Lips
In Your Imagination

Style Info

Pic 1Ghee – Embroidered Mini Dress in Graphite + Laced Ultra Thigh Highs.  Celeste – Necklace.
Pic 2 – Corsette and wide pasties. Byrne – Lips II. Uniqu3 – Charline Tight Boots (HUD controlled). Azoury – Necklace. Jumo – Mother of Dragons Ring.

Camila Cabello – Havana


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    fashinating enough, black is very sensuelle colour on clothings.

  2. Francis.R. says:

    Black is always a classic. What a funny and good song by the way. Thank you, dear Landa. : )

    1. haha Francis, yes I laughed a lot with that video. Glad you got the humour!!!

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