Can We Reindeer?

Ghee White_004

Somebody was wise enough to send me a calendar of good deeds to do from December 1st until the 25th and I thought it was a great idea to follow through with it.

The ideas suggested may not always be suitable for one´s particular situation, so we can always adapt them.

Yes! And as naive as it may sound to some … as long as each one of us does something good – consciously –  it can and will make a difference.

Today I spent the day with a childhood friend who is – slowly and painfully – recuperating from a debilitating and potentially life threatening illness. It was her day, not mine.

Thrilled to realise that our friendship gets renewed with each passing year. Our values growing and evolving together with each round of time. Our love and respect for each other, strengthening, as our laughter echoes each other again.

Ghee White_005.jpg

From today until the 25th would you do me a favour and share with us the good you’ve done during the day?

The purpose is not to brag but rather to encourage each other, each one of us, to be the Light in the darkness and the Light of the world. Will you share and reindeer it?

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Lindsey Stirling – Carol of the Bells

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Francis.R. says:

    Certainly it inspires to live each day in a meaningful way, dear Landa. It is not the best of my moments but I’ll try to make something true and honest for others. : )

    1. That´s the spirit Francis … Perhaps we can extend it beyond the holidays too! Thank you so much for your comment!


    lets make the Holiday Month unforgettable. Each Day matters. I have an excellent opportunity to make it happen at my Taxi work. So many suffering people around me. I can make them smile at least.

    1. All that is required Eero is for each of us to do ´just´ what we can, where we are. It´s a non-miracle, miracle!

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