Pleasure Rules

Pax Peretz

Libentia – Latin for pleasure – was originally created as a home retreat for Pax Peretz in Second Life.  As Pax progressed in his endeavours, he wanted a place for his friends to bring in their partners, friends or dates. Several of them asked him to open the SIM to the public … and this is where we are now.

Pax first logged into Second Life seven years ago. He started his virtual life experience in Active Worlds and in his mind what he saw in Second Life when he arrived was a crowded little area filled with seemingly confused people, half of which were riding hover boards. Once he found out it was so much more than that, he slowly learned that Second Life could provide all kinds of creative outlets. This and his friends have steadily kept him in ever since.

Pax is a kind-hearted, friendly guy and what he cares most about in SL is people and specifically the friends who encouraged him to open his island to the public. It was their faith in him that made him want to make more and more improvements to the SIM as he went along. He continues to work on it specially during the quiet hours of the night for better concentration.

The self-described ¨gardener of Libentia¨ wanted some variety in the landscape, so his biggest challenge was homogenizing all the different areas into the same landscaped theme. Once he plopped the watermill house into the forest, he was so pleased with the results that it inspired him to finish the island by merging the yard with the beach. It all seems to flow together he says. The style of the forest blends down into the wetlands and then back up to the upper ruins.

Libentia is primarily an adult nature retreat for couples, wanderers and photographers. It has different ‘scenes’ around the island for visitor´s to explore.

  •  A forest,
  • The Wetlands
  • Romantic ruins
  • A fully furnished rustic home
  • A cosy campsite
  • An undersea garden perfect for Mer-people.
  • A little cottage on a lake and
  • A beach.



Libentia Scenes

One thing I insist on, says Pax; Libentia is a nature ‘retreat’, not a pickup spot or typical sex SIM. SL has plenty of those. So if someone complains about harassment, I will try to resolve the situation fairly and sometimes firmly. I do not want to get a reputation of just another place to ¨bleep¨ for free.

A Hangout to the Sea

Pax feels that the island is no longer just for him, and he loves feedback, so he takes his guests and visitors´ opinions into account. Group membership allows him to update the friendly and unpretentious crowd about island changes, additions and events as they are  scheduled. Sometimes he will also poll the group when he is undecided about throwing something new and different on the island or whether something should be removed.

Nothing makes him happier than to see guests relaxing or seeing couples around the island enjoying the peacefulness he tries to provide. The whole purpose of Libentia is for gathering, exploring, cuddling, and getting some nice photos. There are a few guests that have almost made Libentia their home. Some are there as often as he is. In his future plans and pipe dreams as he calls them, is scheduling parties more regularly at the new beach club for one.

He loves SL photographers, so he has made it as scenic and accessible to them as possible.  He also encourages them to IM him if they need to rez props or pose stands. Pax likes to provide a haven for his guests and a quality place to have a date or a gathering at Libentia. Definitely a place to visit and I hope you enjoy it! Until next time, xox Landa.

Limo to Libentia.

Group Key to Libentia. Paste it on Search in SL.

Vertical Panorama II
Vertical Panorama II

Björk – The Gate









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  1. Eero Maatta says:

    Extremely Exciting!

    1. Thank you so much Eero! Hugs

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