My beautiful readers, browsers, friends and Sponsors … I´m taking a thirty-day break from blogging so that I can tend to … LIFE; all of them!!! After my vacation is up my Flickr will become my preferred blogging medium. For seven years, I´ve been blogging and writing, never taking a break. Almost eight years ago…

Slowly Chained

Summer nails, a chained mini dress and a song that won me over.

Lipstick over My Luna

Hot both in SL and in RL for different reasons. Gummy Yummy Lips & Eye-Shadows for the Yin Yang Event

A Masked, Short Summer

¨Then the flowers turned red And the shadows grew tall Did I make you disappear? Were you ever here at all?¨ Oren Lavie (below). Style Info Pic 1 Luxurious high waisted loose shorts topped with an embellished bralette. Available in several printed silk versions. Liziaah – Island Outfit Version 2. Elikatira – Hair. Mandala –…

Allons​ Enfants!

I know, my clothing today has nothing to do with the title and ´m the first to admit it…