One Beautiful Soul

Until the very end she lived her life ¨comme il faut¨.

It´s been approximately 12 days since my last post and there are reasons for that.

My very close relative and member of my immediate family who took acutely ill during the holidays,  left this realm and exchanged it for a better place.

There was nothing I could not talk about with this wonderful dame, and although we selfishly miss her we weren´t holding her back.

She fought bravely until the very end with all her might, with all her love, because she did not want to leave (us) her children alone.

She was brave, elegant, delicate, discreet, refined, cultured and above all she was always kind, Solomonic and full of humour. We can assure you the world is a better place because she was in it.

We will learn to get used to her absence, but getting over what she went through, specially these last two months, is going to take us a while.

Je t´aime  maman.


The intricate, complex, non-permanent builds and settings of our Second Life are the perfect analogy for life´s deepest meaning.

Every second of our lives matters even when it too shall  pass.


Mineral Ridge – Marcus VanDouser

Style Info

Pic 1 & 3

Ribbed knitted long cardigan with oversized long sleeves. It seats under a cropped sweater worn with a neck scarf. The top is paired with a denim mini skirt. The earmuffs, dark shades and studded sneakers are included. Available in several colors in sizes for Maitreya & Slink Mesh Bodies as well as the system avi.

Gizza – Olivia Cardigan Set in Soil (Black on Flickr). Glam Affair – Hairbase and Ponytail. Izzie´s – Tights. Maitreya – Mesh Body.

Pic 2

The perfect outfit not only to relax at home but to feel all wrapped in the comfort of a mother´s love. A onesie in a winter print which comes with pom-pom house booties and matching pillow to hold.

Gizza – Lazy Day Onesie Pajamas + Slipper Socks + Pillow with Pose (Gacha now available now @The Mainstore. Lamb – Hair.  Lisp + Swallow – Rings. Bazar – Chair + Flowers + Map + Books.

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  1. Eero Maatta says:

    so sorry about the loss. very comfy dresses here. nice to hear from You

  2. Hugs Landa, You know I lost my dad two years ago…all I can say is.. it is gonna be ok. and it does become “ok” but its never going to be the same..and that’s the part that gets me.. xo

    1. My dear Lolita, I remember and I can´t believe it´s been two years. You are right, it can never be the same again. We must continue to love them even when they are gone. Whenever it hurts again, LOVE him with all your heart and soul. You will probably feel the connection to your dad still intact, because it is. You will feel his love back. True Love (in any of its forms) never dies. Thank you so much for your words. I have conveyed them to my family. What you described is how it is. ❤

  3. Moz Loordes says:

    What a wonderful soul she is, surely she is in her Heaven. All the legacy she left behind, her family, the love and care she gave – these things are eternal because they are seated in our souls and we carry them from life to life. You thought she was such a good mother, no doubt you will be related again in the lives that you both pursue. Maybe the other way around!

    I have lost people close to my heart, I have the good memories of them, their sweet humour, strength, what they gave me, what we shared together. These things never pass into a void but they become part of the collective consciousness of human beings, to be taken out and used by all of us as part of being civilised. This is a never ending circle of the strength of love between souls which are part of the whole. The more we draw from this collective strength, the more human we become. The Divine is, after all, the most human of us and something to aspire to.

    Sending you my love, my dear friend. Time has to pass before the redness of the days wear off and you are left with calm seas and a sweet sunrise. May that time be short. ❤ Andreas

    1. My dear friend Moz (Andreas), your kind, gentle, spiritual words of truth read like a medicine that sooths our souls. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ❤

  4. Francis.R. says:

    Sometimes we feel we need a rest from the world. There is so much sadness on me for reading this part of your life, dear Landa. You, and nobody, can forget somebody loved so much but with time that memory is going to go also to the shinier times, and in some moments we will feel like we are in some way accompanied by those loved and missed beings.

    1. Dear Francis, I do know that the acute pain will eventually become more bearable as it becomes a part of us that we learn to live with. Please forgive me as it was not my intention to make you sad. Was just expressing how this made me feel. xox

      1. Francis.R. says:

        Oh, not you dear Landa. It’s more like the a personal feeling to desire to be able to do more.From you I have gratitude. n_n

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