Walking alone in the darkness and you never even knew,

that it was time to awaken and step far from ruins and crows.


The tears of rose were his blessings,

nothing´s left but crystal joy,

For in the light you remembered all the reasons why they´re grown.


Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion


Style Info

Pic 1

Delicate and diaphanous strapless gown with lace panels on the corset like upper part. Two veils attach with flowers and  run down the back. The gown comes in classic and mesh body size ready for pure perfection.

Miss Darcy  – Deusa Gown in Powder Puff. Moondance Boutique – Deep Aealla Bracelets and Earrings. Both available at the SOS Festival. Lode – Hair Flowers. Hair by Monso.

Pic 2

Shimmery eyeshadow applier for Catwa Heads.  They come in several colors. Each color has two options: with or without eyeliner. Available in black, blue, magenta, rose, gold, green and chrome.

The chandelier flower earrings are part of a set that comes with a three option HUD to change the gem´s colors separately.

Arte  – Fridil Eyeshadows Smoky Style. Moondance Boutique – Deep Aealla Earrings. Both available at the SOS Festival.  LaGyo –  Vintage Tears. Catwa Head Candy.

Pic 3

Tight mini dress held up with spaghetti straps and made specially for SOS.  The necklace, ring and bracelet are part of the set that comes with the earrings featured on pictures 1 & 2.

Emerald Couture – Life Core Dress.  Moondance Boutique – Deep Aealla Jewelry. Both @ The SOS festival. Hair by Truth.

For more information please link to Spoonful of Sugar Festival.

21 Comments Add yours

  1. . . . One word describes the write up and photos:


    1. landacrystal says:

      Thank you so much O´shi 😀 same to you!

    2. landacrystal says:

      Thank you so very much O´Shi!

  2. PS: pop by my virtual blog- I don’t post a lot but I do occasionally if something catches my imagination!

    1. landacrystal says:

      I had no idea you had this as well. LOVED it ! such depth in everything you do. To me that is refreshing! xox

      1. many thanks Landa for popping over and for the lovely comment! I found it easier to keep the two journeys separate!

      2. landacrystal says:

        I ´d go completely wacko if I had more than one parallel journey so all my respect to you Dune!

      3. who said I wasn’t wacko! 😀

    2. Dee Darwin says:

      I too have looked and followed both your sites, love them

      1. landacrystal says:

        Thank you Dee Dee😘

  3. Moz Loordes says:

    Wow what beautiful pictures, Landa Panda 🙂 I’ve kept a copy of the first one – hope you don’t mind 🙂

    1. landacrystal says:

      So glad you liked it enoughto keep it! Thank you my friend 😛

  4. Dee Darwin says:

    Sweet 🙂

  5. Francis.R. says:

    It’s perfect, Landa. Quite lovely and true. The past sometimes can try to grab our arms and don’t let us go, but the truth is that we are the ones chaining it to us for more time than the needed, negating to us the choice to be happy again. A sad beauty.

    1. landacrystal says:

      The choice is always ours Francis. So true!

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