A Life I´ve Not Yet Lived


One of the reasons I had long postponed the general editing of my belongings was because  whenever I´ve done that in the past – on such a  big level – somehow, it always ends up in the reshuffling of  the circumstances around me.

As much as these changes can eventually turn out to be positive and welcomed, I just wasn´t sure that I was ready for them. Fear of the unknown would take over paralyzing me. Still it had to be done so I started the BIG clean up a few weeks ago (link here to a previous post) and sure enough the flow of stagnated Chi began to move and shift.

Seemingly non-connected aspects in my life began to change and morph and turn and reconnect or disconnect altogether, leaning towards  completely unexpected elements of surprise and packed with unforeseen changes.

Meanwhile in our Second Life … things are also readying up for change.

Initial chaos (yikes!) giving way to opportunities and these in turn giving way to possibilities of different futures. Every decision ripe, ready and juicy with potential and with the promise of a different path.

These previously unimaginable ripples of change bring with them the renewal of the sense of hope for a  life I´ve yet to live.  Oftentimes one life mirrors the other and  in our Second Life things are readying up for change as well. Project Bento is on its last stage before becoming part of the official viewer.

I´m looking forward to the many changes ahead and I´ll  embark into an extreme and radical clean up of my inventory as well.  As for my physical life, from now on I think I´ll make it a habit to edit more often than I´ve  ever done before. xox


Peter Gabriel – The Veil

Style Info

Pic 1

A cocktail dress that´s like a grown up pinafore (I used to love them as a child) in liquid printed silk. Deeply scooped on the front, back and sides. It follows the sinuosity of the body and then flares open on mid thigh.

Silk Dreams Fashions – Ginger Mesh Dress with texture color HUD. E – Snaffle Necklace. Both available at the S.O.S Festival.  Shoes by Glamistry.

Pic 2

An 80´s inspired textured mini dress with long sleeves and the deepest of ¨V¨ necklines. The dress comes with a matching twilly style scarf around the neck.

Byrne – Amanda Dress available @ S.O.S Festival.  Lizziah – ring. Shoes – Essenz (picture will be available on Flickr).

The SOS Festival supports Doctor´s Without Borders. Click here for more information. Hair in this story Truth.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Well, I know this sounds daft, but I always feel better when I’ve tidied up the house plants. Taken away the dead leaves, fed and watered them and rearranged them to best catch the available light. Maybe it’s grateful vibes from the plants! Great post, my friend ❤

    1. landacrystal says:

      The energy gets to shift and yes I really think you get their grateful vibes. I too, am grateful for commenting 🙂

  2. since I’ve been in the throes of moving I don’t feel my house is Feng shui’d yet. arggh! As for SL it seems I’m spending even less time there though I still like to jump in and explore new and strange sims, art and story time. I love your title to this post!

    1. landacrystal says:

      Hi TDM ! you will have to keep me posted on the changes moving will bring 😊. I too have been spending a lot less time in SL lately but I do love working in there. Thank you so much for your comment xox

      1. will do!! ( though it seems I’m always behind these days)

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