Who The Hell was Sonia Rykiel

Ghee Chiffon Rose.jpg

I´m kind of excited because the astronomical Fall will begin on September 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere and the day before Spring will begin in the South.  The reason I´m so excited is because during my last four years in Second Life I have never witnessed such a profusion of creativity from designers than during this past season.

Naturally of course, the expectation thrills me. Will this proliferation and rampant  creation continue during this season? I hope it does.

Gizza Andrea Vested III.png

Perhaps it´s a reaction to the uncertainty we all feel regarding Sansar or perhaps it´s just natural. Either way I´m enjoying it thoroughly!

In any case I can hardly keep up with all this newness but will do my best to keep up as best I can!

Gizza Dorothy .pngIn other news, the transition of our beloved Sonia Rykiel has not gone unnoticed. I still remember when in NYC I got my first sweater mini inspired by her.  It looked like a longer version of the French Sailor Pull.  I loved it.

Today, I´m lucky enough to own four of her pieces. As noted by my cousin MdL who is also in the business, ¨ they are now to be considered official vintage¨. It saddened me.

I meant to post a proper ode to her but I would fall short. I leave you with this song about her by Malcolm McLaren and a little video about who she was.

Her genius, style and freedom will forever define a moment, a place, a time for the emancipation of women. To me as a very aware child, it was as if she had liberated the female soul. I hope we never lose that which she helped us achieve. Never lose ground!

Malcolm McLaren – Who the Hell is Sonia Rykiel

A True Pioneer of Fashion – Sonia Rykiel

Style Info

Pic 1

Beautifully romantic strapless feminine gown. The upper part is cut empire like with oversized rose bud details.  These are echoed on the print of the diaphanous ample lower part.

Ghee – Chiffon Rose in Ivory. Chop Zuey – Jewelry. Hair by Lamb.

Pic 2

Certainly a ¨Girls in Black¨ensemble. A three piece suit with low slung trouser and a tight vest. Complete with shirt and tie and a color HUD to change the color combo.

Gizza Andrea Vested Suit.  B&W – Sunglasses. Hair by Truth. LaGyo – Ring. Hucci – Sling Backs.

Pic 3

Beautiful Scottish inspired gown that is full of elegance and style.

Gizza – Dorothy Wizard of Oz. Hair by Truth. Mandala – Rings



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    I might say Malcolm McLaren is vintage, too, cheeky wotsit 🙂 And I agree with you, Landa Panda, about the proliferation of creativity and it’s not just SL. Must be the season of Mist and Mellow Fruitfulness 🙂

    1. landacrystal says:

      Oh Malcolm is vintage for sure. We did not have him long enough and he always seemed younger than his age. Perhaps all of this creativity turning into art is helping to keep us sane. It´s healing. Thank you my friend! xox

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