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I finally embarked on a much needed cleaning orgy which should have actually been conducted in this same state of frenzy at least three times a year in each of the last two.

The outrageous amount of beauty and make-up items I kept was for the most part  gifted to me while working in the luxury industry. During the past two years my needs and priorities have actually changed tremendously even if here and there I may still indulge.

I discovered ( to my horror … NOT ! 😜) that I have no need for most of them. My collection of ´ Les 4 Ombres de Chanel´ has gone virtually untouched along with a lot of other things as I discovered the joy of unencumbered living or what I call ¨ a return to self. ¨

Still, it felt kind of odd to part with items that at one time or another I did consider valuable.  I researched and tried my best at keeping anything worth my time; yet most went into the trash for good  …

  • My older than 12 months sunscreens, including self-bronzers from Decléor, Clarins and the beach scented Bobby Brown I love.  These apparently lose their efficacy after a year or a year and a half after opening.
  • Lotions, potions and moisturizers, including the Prada Body Milk, that I had totally forgotten about and found in the deepest recess of one of my bathroom niches. The smell was still Prada but with a plastic tinge.  Ewwwww, toss, toss … I admit I probably kept it longer than two years.
  • The lipsticks and eye shadows I had been stocking in case of an apocalyptic collapse à la  Mad Max? Some of those had to go too. When they change color, smell or texture it´s definitely time to toss them away. Yes this did apply as well to my Bobby Brown and Chanel cream eye shadows and liners too.
  • The blue and yellow mascara I was sure someone had actually stolen from me ( I had not seen them for sooo long), ¨miraculously¨ appeared in one of the transparent drawers. Needless to say I had my last funky night with them before tossing them away. Mascara HARDLY lasts three months unadulterated anyway. Right? … (pained)!

Byrne Jazmine Pepper Dress

All in all, I tossed and trashed everything that had undergone any kind of modern alchemical transformation or that was past it´s expiration due date – a move which at times proved quite challenging. This suddenly made my Argentinian aunt ultra, hyper-smart as she is the only person I know who actually writes the date on which she opens each product. I thought this was ¨too much¨ and then …

… Ah yes …. and then I got to a very special cleanser I had. Yes, my clarifying cleanser had been opened at least three years ago BUT the foamy texture, smell and consistency did not show any change at all from the time when I first got it.  This was a keeper I thought, even though I had been advised that soap also expired and should be unmercifully tossed away after about two years.

As I embarked into my throw back evening bath ritual, I carefully secured my hair back and sensually rubbed the foam in as the instructions commanded.

I rinsed profusely, but less than a minute after I had already patted my skin dry, my face began to turn a very raw red. As I felt a burning sensation taking over, I again rinsed and rinsed compulsively but although the discomfort seem to mitigate somehow,  my face was still just as vivid red and itchy. Some items do experience chemical alterations after a while, or can harbour bacteria even when they don´t show signs of distress. These are not just rumours.  It´s true!

The only thing that seemed to calm it was my ¨Eau Thermale d´Avène¨, a French pharmacy staple that was probably just as old as the offending face wash but which did not have a marked expiration date. This is my keeper!

Perhaps this is nothing but a metaphor for relationships, friends, acquaintances, behaviours (our own or others), patterns or situations which we have outgrown.

These, must be lovingly bid farewell  from time to time in order to make space for the new.  In which case I thank them for what they´ve brought into my life and then I go my way.  As for the ¨keeper¨?  That´s always the one who gets to stay.  As long as we have one, everything will be ok!

Mike Snow – My Trigger

Style Info

Pic 1

An ensemble comprised of  high waisted stripped shorts. Belted at hip level, there are three different ways to wear them. They come with a semitransparent mesh fabric top with a ¨V¨ neckline and 3/4 sleeves.  The shorts´ pattern is echoed on the strapless top.  All three items can be worn at  once, or separately – as shown on the left and right of the picture – for an entirely different look each time.


Gizza – Urban Sailor Outfit in Blue worn without the mesh fabric top. Gizza – Gathered Tote + Nautical Jewelry Set (Bangles, Necklace and Sunglasses) KC – Shoes . Hair by Lelutka.


Gizza –  Urban Sailor in Beige, worn with the mesh fabric top but without the strapless top. Luxe – Bracelets. Maitreya – Shoes. Hair by Lelutka.

Pic 2

Strapless dress ending approximately four fingers above the knee. A matching scarf sits around the neck. Available in several colors of the beautiful and evocative print and features several very realistic fabric details.

Byrne – Jasmine Dress in Pepper exclusively at Swank. Chop Zuey – Bracelets. Hair by Analog Dog.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Eero Maatta says:

    Girls have so many treasures!

    1. landacrystal says:

      Boys too! but the treasures are just different. Thank you so much for stopping by in here Eero! xox

  2. Dee Darwin says:

    I have to admit that (after seeing there was no long term effect) I laughed at the “face wash “saga, be there done that.

    You are brave in your ability to chuck the old to make room for the new. Damn I have three year old dental floss but one can never tell when there might be a shortage of such.

    The oldest thing I have around is my partner and I won’t chuck her, although there have been moments, lol.

    Had fun reading this….hugs



    1. landacrystal says:

      My Dee Dee LOL OMG one of my grandmother´s NEVER tossed anything. She kept jars for everything specially metals. I think it was PTSD from WWII. In case there´s a shortage she´d say. So,no no no, It´s definitely not easy for me to throw stuff or let go of people but sometimes it has to be done. From what you are saying your partner is your ¨keeper¨ and that´s just brilliant! Thank you for commenting and for your thoughts and I also had fun reading them. Tight hugs Dee Dee Bella! xox

      1. Dee Darwin says:

        kisses hun and yes she is a “keeper”, lol

      2. landacrystal says:

        Mwahhh Dee Dee and a Mwah to her as well. Have a great week my dearest!

  3. Tartiste says:

    Reblogged this on .

  4. Moz Loordes says:

    *laughs greatly* I did go through all my DIY stuff not long ago… old paints almost solid and some you couldn’t get the lids off, oil that smelled like it had materialised from out of an Irish bog, WD40 congealed that couldn’t repair even itself, nails & screws in pots that had rusted so much that they joined forces and other sundry items that I kept… just because. So I understand exactly what you mean, Landa Panda!

    1. landacrystal says:

      🙈😝😊😊 Moz you absolutely do know what I mean ! OMGGGG that reminds me … I do have a treasure box FULL of the exact stuff you describe. I will have to go through it too hahahahahaha xox

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