Over It!

Nala I

I may always be late,

But I´m FREE.

We Get Out of Cages When We Get Over It.

NALA DESIGNS and its Owner  ᑥ ĕŁĨƝŁŁ ᗩŁĕɱ (celinll) presents  this outfit for the July´s  campaign of ” Noli Me Tangere group! Do not touch me! ” Against violence towards women.

This outfit has been specially created to spread the message about the need to  eliminate violence against women as well as to include the links where women can get information and help.

This is  a Campaign that Aims to Raise Awareness and Sensitize.

Women have the right to make decisions, to be assertive, to make mistakes, to get over them and get up and to say yes or say no when they see it  fit.

Women are Just as Entitled, as Any Other Gender, to be Free and to Live in Complete Freedom.

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Nala Shoes


Style Info:

Silk pleated pants topped by a halter bikini top that crisscrosses around the front. A beautiful crocheted panel forms a ¨T¨ on the back.  The outfit comes with beautiful dressy sandals in white and gold that are reminiscent of Jimmy Choo´s ¨Panama¨ sandal.

It comes with a gold chain and a matching white and gold envelope clutch.  This was made specially for the Noli Me Tangere Campaign in SL.

Nala Designs – I ´m Free outfit. Ghee – Chunky Bangles + Chunky Beads Necklace. Lelutka – Hair

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. landacrystal says:

    I know sweet baby. I know you will 💋

  2. landacrystal says:

    Sooo beautifully said Bazz and you so absolutely right! If only everyone shared your thoughts. Thank you my love. 💋

  3. Francis.R. says:

    There is no place for violence in this world, thank you for being here dear Landa. ^_^

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