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Vero Modero Beach IV

One of our family´s main businesses was commercial radio. As a child I was taught and trained by my father to recognize a tune with top 40 potential and / or great quality music – according to my own taste, of course 😉 and that of the target audience – during the first five  seconds of a tune. For me it was a game but now and although the criteria has changed over the last 15 years I still relish the thought of discovering great artists! Which makes this post overdue by a few days.

With newfound time on my hands at night I  luckily accepted the TP of a friend. It took me forever to rez and even more just to be able to listen (I use a MAC running on Maverick on my computer´s second  partition in order to just be able to log into SL!) but once I did, I realized I had landed at a live concert and I was surrounded by Avatars who were mesmerized by the tunes playing. In all truth the experience was unique!

On the stage in front of me, was Tukso Okey giving us a live performance. His choice of music was not only interesting, different and almost philosophical, but he had obviously been influenced by the classics; he played like a real guitar virtuoso.

The surrounding crowd, huge by virtual standards, was made up of his followers and friends. They seemed to be having a marvelous time and the kind of unique, exclusive experience of those in the ´known´ and of which I will admit, I ´m not a part of in SL.

Unfortunately I had to decide between trying to record his performance or crashing. I decided to stay and dance and just flow with his deep soulful music and trippy sounds. into La, Lan-da Land! Tukso, came across as an amazing musician, a kind soul, a nice chap and one who is quite well organized through his partner Pedula Bing who represents him.

I left the venue relaxed, refreshed and happy, with a calm, warm feeling deep inside. In RL or SL I´d choose his music any time! The video below was recorded by the Artist prior to my introduction to his music. Perhaps you should give him a try. I humbly believe that he should be recognized. Thank you Tukso for your music!

Glamistry Booties

Style Info

Pic 1

This  strapless cotton top with a closed eyelet embroidery comes as part of a set with shorts.  Because I wear a mesh body and the shorts are more suitable for the system avi I decided to pair it with shorts that I already owned.  The top, however worked fine on the body and I loved the hanging  eyelet triangle on the front.

Vero Modero – Beach Top (part of the Beach Shorts set). JB – Shorts + Belt. LUXE – Choker + Pyramid Ring.

Pic 2

Lace-up half booties with tassels and color changing hud for each part of the shoe! Glamistry – Edelweiss Heels.

Pic 3

Sequined, barely there top, with a lightweight summer cardigan with 3/4 sleeves worn on top of cuffed up shorts that come with an option to show the under pockets as well as for wearing a belt or not. The belt´s leather color can be changed via a hud.

Vero Modero – Jenna top and Cardigan. JB – Shorts. Glamistry – Edelweiss Heels. Luxe – Jewelry. Boat by Looneta (featuring my pride and joy ¨The Stormy¨).

In this feature:

Hair by Entwined. Head by Catwa. Mesh Body by Maitreya.

Vero Modero Jenna

Tukso Okey – Performing in SL

Tukso Okey in RL – @ Ginah Moez Diner

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Francis.R. says:

    My father used to sell music LP’s, cassettes and CD’s. In his store I liked to choose blindly a record to try and hear.I think I can understand your feeling of discovering. ^_^

    Thank you for a nice trip to your memories and to your present dear Landa. : )

    1. landacrystal says:

      Jah ! I think you do 🙂

  2. Moz Loordes says:

    Sounds a great night! I’ll keep an eye out for further contests from this chap 🙂 And so nice to hear about your dad, what an interesting job he had.

    1. landacrystal says:

      Heyyyy …. Moz … yeah I loved the station omgggg and all it brought to my life. For sure check him out I think you mike like him too! xox

  3. Eero Maatta says:

    cool experience. Yammiee for the Soul!

    1. landacrystal says:

      Ohh yeah defo very cool music ! come and enjoy it Eero !

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