Gizza Kamala

I´ve been full of seemingly random thoughts all day. Disconnected conclusions, explanations, realizations, and I ´ve enjoyed the ride.

But then, a single memory invaded me when I started writing this blog –  which was initially, about an entirely different topic.

It all goes to show how the subconscious mind works; connecting the seemingly disconnected.

As a very young child, my father used to take me along for walks along a private garden.  The place was full of exotic flora and fauna.

He had comments and explanations for everything and I enjoyed them,  but none of his accounts struck me more than when he first explained to me the Lotus Flowers that floated on the nearby  pond.

We´d spend over an hour just watching them float, something which was a heroic act when you think about the extremely restless child I used to be, and the extremely busy man he was.

Even from afar I could ¨believe¨ I smelt it when he described it! Fresh and heady at the same time and sweating out the tropics. Each time, my father tried to make me notice, all its many qualities. The ones described below and many more…

¨It blossomed inside the dirtiest ponds, but still opened its petals out and up as if trying to reach and merit the beautiful sky above.

Pristine and pure, untouched and still untamed,

its nature sparkled more against the background´s mess.

Imprinted in my memory it remained.¨

Gizza Gloria

Best of The Smith´s I – The Smith´s

Courtesy of my friend Miele Tarantal-Shinn who made me rediscover them. Thank you!

Style Info

Pic 1

Deep ¨V¨ neckline maillot swimsuit that gathers around one side of neck.  Cinched by a belt on the upper middle waist, it comes in several colors and prints. All of them elegant and ¨sophisto¨ to a fault!  Specially made for Slink Mesh body and Standard Fitted Sizes.

While styling it with the Slink mesh body I found that I could still leave and use Maitreya´s Lara Mesh Body´s feet and hands!

Gizza – Kamala Swimsuit in Fern.  Coco &  Co. – Vintage Bracelet + Dark Glasses. Rebel Hope! – Shoes. Slink – Mesh body.  Catwa – Head. Hair by Magika.

Pic 2

I enjoyed this outfit´s pants so much that I went ahead and wore my RL ones today!   Beaded, cropped tied, sleeveless top with boyfriend jeans and matching belt.  Easy and real!

Gizza – Gloria Outfit. Rebel Hope! – Shoes. Miele – Bracelet. Head by Catwa. Maitreya Mesh Bod. Hair by Little Bones. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Francis.R. says:

    An eye of peace in middle of the storm that uses to be the life… I had moments like that when kid as well, specially when sunsets in a garden with a tall tree. I think I understand what you felt. : )

    1. landacrystal says:

      It certainly sounds like you do! Those are the best times!

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