Going Both Ways

Liz Bow Dress V2 II

Sometimes, perspective and relativity can change perceptions and thus realities. 

Indeed, things are never as superficial as they seem.

One dress, three different versions and several ways to wear it.  I ´ve chosen two different colors of the same dress, to style it up or down. The minidress is cut halter like, it has an empire waistline and in all its three versions, it comes with a bow cut through with a silver and diamond buckle.

The upper part of the dress comes in different fabric finishes and combinations, while the bottom is made in guipure like lace.  I ´ve chosen version 2 for picture 1 in which I´m styling it up while taking advantage of Mlle. Chanel´s favourite color combo:  nude and black.  The top has an oversized lace pattern down the front and I am wearing it with the bow that comes with the ensemble. Nude feminine high heeled pumps are perfect for it.

Below, I am wearing the same dress in a different color – just to show you another take – but the styling can also work if you only use one of the versions for both variations.  This time I decided to forgo the bow for an informal take of the exact same dress. Flat Sardinia style sandals are ¨de rigueur¨ for an easy summer feel.

As you can see just a tiny change in styling can have a major impact upon its look and feel, something which is coveted by all of us seeking versatility and ease, in addition to elegance and style, not to mention saving precious Lindens!

In both instances I am wearing it with a mesh body, which for me required a slight body fat adjustment to the shape. Please try the demo before purchasing if you are planning to wear your mesh bod with it, just to make sure you are comfy!

All hair on this story is by Elikatira. Their entire inventory is down to 75L for the time being. Great value if you ask me!

Click here for more pictures!

Liz Bow Dress V3 II

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life

Style Info

Pic one

Liziaah – Mesh Bow Dress V2. Erratic – Hose and suspenders. Chary – Bracelets (two worn together).

Pic two

Liziaah – Mesh Bow Dress V3 worn without the bow.  Chary – Bracelet.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Francis.R. says:

    Classic and beautiful elegance. The style is sober and delicate at the same time. Thank you, Landa. ^-^

    1. landacrystal says:

      Francis thank you for your comments and for your blog! 🙂

      1. Francis.R. says:

        Thanks for being yourself, I am fan (among a lot I know) of you. ^-^

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