Violence or Peace

Ghee Laverne

There is a difference between the feel of these images and this text. This is not the deep tone nor the title that I had planned for this post – which I borrowed from the Stromae song below;  but I would be extremely uncomfortable ignoring the attacks that took place against innocent Belgians earlier today.

There are in fact a thousand things that I could say about it and I am sure you could too. But still it all comes down to the fact that each of us can always choose empathy and humanity over any other particular interest or agenda.

This choice applies to our daily lives and interactions, specially with those we love the most and the ones who we may not even love at all.

As long as we never forget who we are, it will never be too late to act with empathy, sympathy, humanity and respect; even when we´ve have erred in full.

War or peace, the choice is always ours, and so are the consequences for ALL concerned. What will these be?

Belles Parisiennes

Stromae – Peace Or Violence

I’ve seen people stretch out their arm and raise two fingers
Their middlefingers and forefingers always in a “V” shape
So then I asked what this symbol could mean
Well no one, not a soul could explain it to me
Could it be a peace sign ?
Or the “V” for Violence
Does somebody know…

Style Info

Pic 1 – Beautifully printed one piece short set in all the colors of the spring time.  The top has two front pockets and buttons all the way to the waist. The sleeves are held cuffed up with a band and this is repeated as a detail on the shorts side.  Did I mention that this is a group gift? I really loved it! The lovely platform sandals for Slink feet are included. Pssst —> they give your legs a really pretty shape.

Ghee – Laverne Outfit with shoes. VIP March Group Gift. Lode – Head and mouth flower. Luxe – Rings.

Pic 2 – Inspired by what Shania Twain wore for the That Don´t Impress Me Much Video.  A strapless catsuit with a deep ¨V¨neckline down to the waist and a hip hugger belt. It comes with the hood, sequined chiffon cape, high heeled pumps and round bag.  In animal print. The hair is added to the ensemble as a gift and it comes with a HUD with poses to hold the bag.

Belles Parisiennes – Tenue Impress me if you can.  Available @Inspiration Event until April 10th.

Peace Out!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Francis.R. says:

    I am grateful for your thoughts, in these hard moments the needed action is to offer support and relieve to the hurted persons. I think it’s more than appropiate the happy colors in the dresses, this world has enough darkness to add more. : )

    1. landacrystal says:

      Aweee Francis. Thank you so very much for saying that. Hugs to you my friend ! xox

      1. Francis.R. says:

        Big hug to you from Peru ^o^ I wonder how I should call you, Landa and Crystal (alone or together) both are nice to my hear, but I couldn’t see which form is the one you use more. : )

      2. landacrystal says:

        Me puedes llamar Landa a secas Francis! Ahora sí me vas a enviar un ají de gallina? Me encantam:D

      3. Francis.R. says:

        No puedo creer mis ojos :O !!! 😀 Mucho gusto Landa, Francis a tu servicio. ^w^/ te envío lo que gustes. : )

  2. landacrystal says:

    LOL Francis mucha gente no sabe que yo hablo y entiendo perfecto Español 😀 Adoro El Perú, su comida y su gente maravillosa! xox

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