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WM Winter Gown

She taught me how to jig (or rather tried). I called her Mhamó, the way all her grandchildren did without actually being aware that it was and is, an actual Irish word.

For the longest time, to me, it was just her name, until we travelled together that is.  Only then did I realized that not everybody addressed her like that.

My paternal grandmother would be adamant about preserving her heritage in us. We were perhaps the only children living in my part of the world doing the May Pole Dance or having Irish Chicken and Dumplings on Sundays at her home.

She was the daughter of  immigrants as well as an immigrant herself  later on, who after arriving at her final country of residence maintained an almost tribalistic pride in her heritage.

She never assimilated locally, and never learnt the language. As opposed to the experience of the Irish Diaspora in the USA, she was but a minority of one were she lived and I still do.

Her apparent stubbornness at referring to us as ¨Irish¨ was but a desperate attempt at holding on to her roots and maintaining a place in the world which is perhaps typical of uprooted immigrants worldwide.

I am proud of my heritage, ancestry and nationalities (all of them) because she instilled it in me and I transferred that feeling to my other sides. I thank her for that and although it may sound easy, it was not. We stood out like a sore thumb and perhaps we always will although my nephew and niece (on that part of the family) do seem to have a somewhat more locally generalized look.

Descendants of Irish immigrants around the world come in all colors, speak different languages and incorporate different aspects of themselves, but we are all creating a unique palette of cultural richness that has by far exceeded the dreams and hopes that our beloved ancestors had when they sadly had to leave the home land, including that of those they had to leave behind.

Perhaps we should remember that when next we deal with new immigrants. Something which is coming soon to a city near us.

To the beloved memory of my Mhamó, and yours with all my heart.

Happy St. Patrick´s Day To ALL!

RC Chance Triptic

Rubén Blades & Luba Mason – Danny Boy

Afro Celt Sound System – Cascade

Style Info

Pic 1

Vero Modero has released four new dresses and gowns. This is one of them.  It is a very low cut strapless gown that gathers around the higher waist opening out and down and it comes with several additional options like the neck and face flowers (shown), a fur cape and wide belt and tails (not shown).

Wearing all the options at once or none at all, is up to us! The gown makes for a beautiful wedding dress as well.

Vero Modero – Winter Dress. Hair by Truth.

pic 2

A short flirty, halter top mini dress that is shorter on one side and longer on the other. Fun and easy to wear and available in several colors of the same spring theme botanical print.

Rayne Couture – Chance Dress in Blue. Headpiece – Lode. Hair by Truth.

Location: Telrunya Forest of Dreams

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    So nice to hear the family history, Landa 🙂

    1. landacrystal says:

      TBH It´s just one quarter of the story, as each grandparent came from different backgrounds. Each one with its own set of struggles and small victories. I loved them dearly! Thank you for your appreciation Moz. xo

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