Backstage Pass

Prima Donna

One of them was the real one; the other, only a mirror image, but he did always have trouble telling them apart.

DD Shhh Garter Belt

He looked for the bottles but she kept them hidden in the most gloriously un-expected places.

Christina Aguilera – Ain´t No Other Man

Style Info

Pic one

The headpiece´s shape is reminiscent of an art deco display of oversized feathers. In shimmering fabric, the head cap sprouts a net to cover half your face.  The hanging beads titillate providing balance while directing their gaze downwards to even more interesting places.

The eye patch is a corseted heart with the same burlesque type of aesthetic.  The boots are a mix of leather and lace with hardware grommets down the outer side of the leg.  The inner side replicates the corseted effect of the eye patch.  The boots are available in several colors. Click here for another angle of the platform boot.  The effect of the styling is almost like that of a Pirate Burlesque Show.

West 143RD – Prima Donna Hat with Color Change and Shimmering Texture HUD. Dirty Stories – Cute Heart Eyepatch with Color Change HUD for the Laces (also available with silver rings). Dita Couture – Naomi Boots in Pink (available with a fit for several mesh bodies).  All three items are  available at the J&A Expo.  Lingerie by Erratic. Hair by Lelutka.

Pic Two

You can turn your thigh into a speak easy with the garter belt above. The flask has the world ¨Shhh¨ engraved on its silver metal.  The garter holds it in place with a feminine bow.

Distorted Dreams – Shhh Flask Garter Teal + Une Clope (cigarette holder) in Ivory/Silver. Both available at the J&A Expo.

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  1. Dee Darwin says:

    Titillating ♥

    1. landacrystal says:

      Dear Dee so good to hear from you. Hope things are good for you and yours! tysm for your comment! xox

      1. Dee Darwin says:

        All is good Landa hun. Keeping head above water and enjoying your blog ♥♥

      2. landacrystal says:

        Sending you my love always Dee!

  2. love that first image especially!

    1. landacrystal says:

      Hi Dune! TYSM for your comment. xo

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