Truth is often more incredible than the stories we´ve been fed;

light so purely glaring, that when we open our eyes, we might need to wear shades.

Vero Modero
Vero Modero

Style Info

Pic 1

A longer and colorful version of the flirty short skirt this time transforms into a gown. The print is an explosion of acid color reminiscent of those used by Jean Michel Basquiat in the 80s and  Jackson Pollock´s forms before that.

The jacket, full skirt and cropped bustier are included and it is available in several different prints.

Rayne Couture – Punked in PopArt. Real Evil – Gloves. Azoury – Necklace.  Swallow – Dark Glasses. Runway Pose – By Vitalis Animatum. Hair by Truth.

Pic 2

These are amazing low slung skinny pants that makes it truly difficult to decide which one to wear. The one above has a stamped leather effect.

The sleeveless knit top has a high neck and is cropped shorter on the front and down the sides of the back.

Both items can be mixed and matched with others and they are available in several colors and textures.

Vero Modero – Ellen Pants in Leather Gray – Ellen Top in Black.   Azoury – Shoes + Necklace +  Ring.  Chary – Bracelet. Hair by Lelutka.

Pic 3

A set of grand 80´s style jewelry. The earrings, necklace and ring have a lion door knocker look. The texture can be changed.

Swallow –  Savannah Jewelry Set. Available at Kustom9.  Erratic – Lingerie and Hose. Glamistry – Shoes. Poses by Vitalis Animatum.


Bibio – A Tout à L´Heure


4 Comments Add yours

  1. landacrystal says:

    … Bazz you are gonna get me fires! YESSS finest Jewelry from SWALLOW !!!!

  2. Stunning gown! I love the explosion of colours!

    1. landacrystal says:

      Hey it really is. Great piece of work from the designer. TYSM for your comment!

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