The Innocent Core

Wicca´s Wardrobe
Wicca´s Wardrobe

Traverse the labyrinth of your own path.

Reclaim your core, your self,  your ways.


Ignore the pit of helping hands as they´re a nuisance to your walk.

Forget all bars and walk away and know that free you  are to stay.


Go back again into your core and then reclaim its full control.

Remain serene up to your grave and flag your humour in your wake.

As humour lives inside the self, the truth, the one, the magnus trail…

The Labyrinth – David Bowie


Style Info

Pic 1

Leggings with a chequered leather hardness and grommets. The feet are encased in them with a hard high heel sole that makes an actual heel unnecessary while leaving the toes exposed.

The cropped vest is left open, as a magical harness with fantasy shoulders. The front is riveted in silver hardware matching that of the leggings.

The head piece comes with a color change HUD for our convenience.

WICCA´s WARDROBE – Lavinia Leggings in Pierrot – White + Zoomy Vest in Glacier Gray + Tracer Hair. Epoque – Studs & Cuffs.   Gizza – Earwear (part of Wild Seduction Outfit). Charm – Necklace.  SG – Tammy Eyeshadow for the system avi and Lelutka heads.

Pic 2

A royal nature kind of gown.  Strapless and cut on a downward ¨V¨ between the front and back which is echoed by the fabric strip cut right under the bosom. From there on it opens up, amply and perfectly; so much so, that it allowed for my mesh legs to be worn underneath without coming through the gown.

Available in many colors it comes in 2 different versions: a floor sweeping gown and a shorter gown which allows us to  flaunt gorgeous shoes.

The headpiece, earrings and gown print are a tribute to Walden, written by Naturist, Writer, Social Reformer, Philosopher,  Transcendentalist and Scientist Henry David Thoreau.

Ghee – Walden Gown, Headpiece & Earrings in Plum.  Available at this round of The Instruments. Finesmith – Ring

Pic 3

These pants come in two different options, brocade (shown above) and suede and they have platform boots with chunky heels attached to them for a seamless effect. The silk top has a deep neckline making it perfect for the clubs.

Gizza –  Judith Set in Red.  .Shi – Neck Piece.

All Poses in this Story by – VITALIS ANIMATUM. Hair by Lelutka.

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Thank you for the appreciation Mr. G xox

  2. That Walden gown looks stunning! Royal indeed!

    1. landacrystal says:

      TYSM LST xoxox hugs to you !

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