French Christmas Tropical Style

Dead Dollz
Dead Dollz

I had a complicated last few days (who hasn´t right?) Nothing that will matter later though. All is solvable but I still got very irritated.

After having dented my car against a column –  20 minutes after having been congratulated on it´s ¨impeccable condition¨ –   it was my duty to attend a funeral yesterday. 

Funerals and hospitals don´t suit me well you see? and I know this, but sometimes I do have to attend one or the other and just hope for the best.

It didn´t work this time, and even though I always found the deceased person adorable and such a joy, let´s just say  his nickname since  youth was … ¨Badper¨ as in Bad Person?  There must have still been some heaviness in there even at 90!

Today, after I mustered the stamina to get out of bed, I began to bake a very tropical version of the French Christmas Yule Log Cake (Bûche de Noël).  Why? because to some people in my family it is not Christmas unless there is a Bûche!  

The original family recipe is magnificent in taste, but every time I make it I feel as if I´m handing a loaded gun to everyone who eats it. Yes, a gun loaded with cholesterol and everything nice like that!  

The American Recipes – and by American I mean the Continent and not the Country – give me the alternative to choose my weapon. Loaded with sugar instead of butter like the French variety, it makes me feel like I have an actual choice between diabetes and clogged arteries. Hey … at least we can choose, right?

Anyway my ¨tropicalization¨ of the recipe called for a mango coulis instead of the French Crème Pâtissière for the filling (ducking now, don´t kill me!)  Mangoes unavailable I was handed passion fruit instead, and … just as expected, it just did not work texture wise.

After such failure  and when I had just decided to go ahead and cook my very un-French Cornish Hens (they taste better the day after. This tradition comes from yet another side of the family) a transformer exploded and I was left with no electricity plus a defective power surge protector for my computer equipment which I now have to replace.

It´s past my midnight now and I´m still waiting for my Cornish Hens to cool just enough to stick ´em in the fridge. My stress however, will the thrown in the rubbish! Will yours follow?

To all of you !
To all of you !

From Slightly Fashionable to all of our lovely, beautiful readers and sponsors:

Thank you for your patience, kind love, understanding and loyalty!

May you all be Blessed!

Style Info

The ultimate summer gown, against a winterish background inside a wonderful SIM (Let it Snow!). Made in gauzy fabric with delicate eyelets and ruffled tiers. Sleeveless. Slightly transparent throughout the bodice and vaporous towards the floor.

I thought this to be the perfect dress for my current season yet festive enough to be representative of the Holidays.

Dead Dollz – Hoars Gown in White. Chary – Bracelets. MM – Earrings. Vitalis Animatum Poses – Cute. Ariskea – Headdress. Hair by Little Bones.

Billy Idol – Yellin’ At The Xmas Tree



Christmas en famille à la française


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  1. Gorgeous! Merry Christmas Landa Panda! :* ♡

    1. landacrystal says:

      Merry Christimas Cao!!! xoxo

  2. landacrystal says:

    Sending some leftovers your way lol nah not really. For you I ‘ll make it from scratch 😇

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