Wish, Past – Love, Hold


If I had my way I´d wish upon a star


A world of good as once was in the past.


To Love, to hold,  caress, behold

Funky Little Monkey
Funky Little Monkey

Until I saw your face in every sky.

Style info

Pic 1

A covetable perfect creation in a strapless gown. The upper bustier is covered in sequins while the bodice, made of stretch lace opens out in layer upon layer of tiered ruffles going all the way to the floor. The gown has a zippered back and I find the details of it all truly magnificent.  Try it out for yourselves!

Liziaah – Queen Dress in Red. LODE – Flower Crown. Vitalis Animatum Poses – Fifth. Jumo – Mother of Dragons  Jewelry. Hair by Lamb.

Pic 2

An elegant and very wearable gown. Strapless and draped around the middle. The gown opens out with a high slit, falling straight and keeping its close to the body shape. A faux fox fur stole hangs from the shoulder adding a touch of glam and complimenting the easy elegance of the gown.

Ghee – Maressa Gown + Stole .  Liziaah – Chandelier Earrings. Hair by Analog Dog.

Pic 3

A knit dress appropriate for all occasions. The texture of the short sleeve dress is highly detailed and it is worn with a long sleeve scoop neck undershirt.  A faux fur loop scarf completes the look.  Available in several colors it comes with a color change HUD so you can independently choose among its different coordinated options between the  dress, shirt and scarf hues.

Ghee – Aran knit Dress.  Tableau Vivant – Hair + Headband. Jumo – Jewelry.

Pic 4

Somebody sent me this t´shirt as a gift because … well they feel there is a more than a slight resemblance between us! LOL so I went ahead and wore it with a low slung straight cut long boho skirt.  The take is quiet suitable for the weather around my part of the world right now and I chose to wear it with chunky platform sandals.

Miuk – Monkey Face T-shirt. ISON – Maxi Skirt. Epoque – Bracelet. Izzie´s – Friendship Bracelets.  .Shi – Necklace.

Funky Little Monkey …

Nickelback – She Keeps Me Up


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  1. landacrystal says:

    Ahhh haha and have you heard? 2016 will be the year of the monkey! 😝🐒🐵🙈🙉🙊

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