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Somebody asked me last week why I was being so nice to them. My answer was, ¨because like Wendy Mass once said, we are each fighting our own battles of which I know nothing about and I respect that.¨

Now here I am this week, very torn today between the video I would choose for this post.  It´s been, after all, a wake-up call weekend (San Bernardino, Cal, USA;  Yemen, Egypt, London, an Aircraft, need I say more?) alongside the expected results for the FN in France, which perhaps are just a sign of protest or so we hope.

Lily Wool

If anything, these instances have reinforced to me the importance of being well informed (see Run, Hide, Fight first sent to me by Reign Congrejo, thank you!) and of how pivotal it is to get a good education, because, well no, no matter how strong you are, you just can´t open an aircraft door mid-flight?!!!! Duhhhhh.

Hopefully people do realize that having the ability to make large amounts of money does not make one capable of running the strongest country in the Americas and one of the most influential ones in the entire world. The one where if it sneezes, the smaller, weaker countries catch a cold?  Yeah, just think about that responsibility because in the end it is not just circumscribed to one country.

In the meantime, U2 played their re-scheduled Paris gig Friday and Saturday as part of their Innocence + Experience Tour.


They were supposed to play in Paris shortly after the November attacks so I commend them.  

Not only did they re-scheduled just 3 weeks after, they also made a song ¨Streets of Surrender¨ paying their respects to the victims, plus they had the courage to present  The Eagles of Death Metal during the gig yesterday, playing ¨I love You Always. ¨ These in turn had the bravery to appear on stage and overcome the fear, for their sake  and ours, of that horrific last experience at the Bataclan in Paris last November 13th.

I can only imagine how very difficult it must have been for all to do this,  as I keep thinking what and how they must have felt alongside the audience´s feelings. 

They all (U2, Patti Smith, EODM & the Audience ) embodied not only the spirit of Paris and France but of all those who stand firmly courageous in their desire for peace, coherent co-exhistence and tolerance. Those who will not be game to the manipulations of an evil and destructive minority on both sides of the spectrum.

And just in case you are wondering what Bono´s natural hair color is, I´ve been told it´s a perfect rebel red. Ohhh Yeahhh but of course!

Style Info

Pic 1

Leathery mini dress with asymmetrical sleeves, two front slits and a print that rocks. Available in 4 different colors.

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Pic 2

Knit plaid mini skirt and wrap around scarf with two flower brooches worn alongside a knit short sleeve top. An ensemble I´d deem very Parisian indeed.

Vero Modero – Lily Wool Skirt Set in Grey. Vitalis Animatum Poses – Bag Left. Maitreya – Boots. Yummly – Jewelry. Vintage Bag by Coco & Co.  Hair by .Shi

Pic 3

A strapless cocktail dress with a HUD to change the textures on the front, sides and / or back.  It comes alongside the ¨hopefully fake¨ fur stole 🙂

The dress is available in silver or gold tones.  Matching sandals are available for purchase in both colors as well as the beautifully metal nail color with HUD.

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U2 – Bono Speech / Iris (Hold Me Close) Paris 2015-12-06

I´m taking the liberty of not only dedicating this to Paris as Bono has done  but to the memory of my late mother (D.T.P) whose name rhymed with Iris (Bono´s Mother) because it´s Mother´s Day in one of my Countries.
 Happy Mother´s Day wherever you are mum!

“Iris (Hold Me Close)”

The star
That gives us light
Has been gone a while
But it’s not an illusion
The ache
In my heart
Is so much a part of who I am
Something in your eyes
Took a thousand years to get here
Something in your eyes
Took a thousand years, a thousand years

Hold me close, hold me close and don’t let me go
Hold me close like I’m someone that you might know
Hold me close the darkness just lets us see
Who we are
I’ve got your life inside of me

Iris… Iris…

Once we are born, we begin to forget
The very reason we came
But you
I’m sure I’ve met
Long before the night the stars went out
We’re meeting up again

Hold me close, hold me close and don’t let me go
Hold me close like I’m someone that you might know
Hold me close the darkness just lets us see
Who we are
I’ve got your life inside of me

Iris… Iris…

The stars are bright but do they know
The universe is beautiful but cold

You took me by the hand
I thought that I was leading you
But it was you made me your man
I dream
Where you are
Iris standing in the hall
She tells me I can do it all
Iris wakes to my nightmares
Don’t fear the world it isn’t there

Iris playing on the strand
She buries the boy beneath the sand
Iris says that I will be the death of her
It was not me

Iris… Iris…

Free yourself, to be yourself if only you could see yourself
Free yourself, to be yourself if only you could see…


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  1. Love look 2 and 3! And yes hopefully it is a faux fur stole!

    1. landacrystal says:

      hahaha tysm LifeStyles! xoxoxo

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