Westwood Flair. Blondie Style – Ghee´s Fall15 Collection

Still Crazy About Da Police!
Westwood Flair + Blondie Style

The Sexiest People Are Thinkers (Vivienne Westwood)

I´m Still Loving Da Police  

(As written on the wall behind me in SL)

Ghee´s ongoing collaboration between RL Artist Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity – one of SL´s top models – has continued in their tradition of stylish, elegant and wearable fashion. This time around for their Fall Collection they are back again with their unique textures and art inspired color palette.

This is one of the few brands that functions pretty much like RL in the sense that, with each season, they come up with entire collections full of options for mix and matching alongside their  coordinated accessories.

If you´ve never been to Ghee, be aware that they don´t only offer you a shopping experience. Their SIM offers several possibilities for photo shoots in a warm urban surrounding.

Their Fall 2015 Collection revolves around the same lines of exotic ethnicity inspired embroideries and an authentically different approach to color matching. What I loved most about it is the almost infinite amount of possibilities for multiplying each item by adding or subtracting just a few pieces or by way of their artfully created Color/Print HUDS. Please take a look…

Style Info:


An outfit inspired by Dame Vivienne Westwood. An impeccably cut mesh that is TRUE to the style of Westwood herself. In light wool plaid and available in several jewel like colors, the asymmetrical skirt – longer in the back – sits high on the waist in true 80s style. Cut close it follows the body´s curves and then flares out into a hem riveted ruffle.

The single button jacket highlights a small waist by way of its shoulder pads – again a wink to that 80s vibe!  Gathered at the waist in the back, it then opens out and around mimicking the skirts asymmetry.

The knit tights in a bright contrasting color come with an enormous array of appliers to suit almost every need. The mesh silk scarf matches them  while the high platform oxfords provide an interesting and authentic retro vibe.

Just as the Dame who inspired it, the outfit is an artful merging of Punk and New Wave gone mainstream glam!

Ghee – Westwood Suit in Marsala + Cerulean Silk Scarf + Naomi Platforms in Marsala + Knit Tights in Cerulean. LaGyo – Ring. Hair by Truth. Vitalis Animatum Poses – Teen.

Another Take
Another Take

Remove the skirt and wear the jacket with one of their leather boot tights.  The look highlights Ghee´s color profusion. The Sage Silk Scarf anchors the Prussian Suede Legging Boots to the top without loosing a single beat of that post punk era.


Is That You Trixie?
Is That You Trixie?

The set of sweater knits and tights above include multiple appliers, system layers and collars to suit just about everyone’s needs for our Fall and Winter wardrobes and they are available in Knit and Cable Knit versions.

A halter dress in a combination of lightweight plaid wool and embroidered silk is worn over the soft knit standard turtleneck sweater and tights.  Accessorized with a croc round handbag and a hat, both of which are part of the collection and available with color HUDS so you can personalize them as well as the leather shoes with an embroidered trim.

Worn as is, the outfit can take you in and out of any professional environment or daytime activity. Remove the turtleneck and hat and wear it with a pashmina for an entirely different date worthy look.

Ghee – Trixie Dress in Slate + Knit Tights in Slate + Knit Turtleneck in Slate + Cloche Hat + 3 Strap Heels with Embroidered Trim (last picture left) + Gumball Earrings in Black + Croc Volta Bag. Hair by Truth.

Autumn Date
Autumn Date Ready

The same dress without the turtleneck (above)

Pashminas 4-Ever
Pashminas 4-Ever

Remove the Westwood jacket shown on the 1st picture and wear the skirt under the Cable Knit Sweater and Tight Sets. Top it with a wool / embroidered pashmina and you are good to go yet again with just very few pieces.

The 3 Strap Shoes worn this time around  are Mock Croc, because  OF COURSE,  no animals were killed during the making of this collection, I promise!

Remove the skirt and heels and you are good and all sexy/comfy to cozy up at home. There are plenty more items and colors available in this collection and the pieces virtually mix and match one with the other in true RL collection style.

Ghee – Westwood Suit Skirt in Marsala + Tights With Appliers in Cable Knit Maize + Fall Sweater Knit in Standard Turtleneck in Maize + Pashmina in Marsala + Croc 3 Strap with Leather Trim (Below Right) + Gumball Earring in Black. All Ghee.  Hairbase by lelutka. Bangs + Head Jewelry by Truth. Vitalis Animatum Poses – Fifth


Two Other Shoes
Shoes Details !!!

Divinyls – I Touch Myself


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  1. landacrystal says:

    I so think it´s Trixie 😀 and I know you love the song. So do I!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful Post Landa, Thank you

    1. landacrystal says:

      TYSM Spirit! so happy you liked! xox

  3. Fabulous post! Thank you so much Landa – really fascinating to see your take on the collection 🙂

    1. landacrystal says:

      I am so very glad you liked it Be a and I must say that the RL like way in which you guys worked it makes it super interesting to work it! Really great collection !! xox

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