Mon Île en Porcelaine

Posh Pixels
Posh Pixels

On certain evenings our peaceful gatherings were only disrupted by the splattering of freshly caught crab. It´s shell pieces showering us all over as we hit  it open with a rock against  the ancient mahogany tabouret. We then ate it drenched in limes.

My slanted roof would gather all the water needed during the summer time into a wall enclosed tank and the candles burnt until the wax was gone or the sun arrived waking us up.

Our existence in that place was the original The Beach Movie; complete with all of its good and some of the bad. I still have the pictures to remember it by. 

I went back recently and in spite of its many changes we still slept with all windows and doors open to let the breeze and friendly dogs inside; along with its many ghosts. I miss it!

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Photo 1 & 3:  A beautiful stretch silk halter long gown with a super interesting back detail down to there. It comes with an enchanting tropical print.  The best part of it?  It´s a gift !!!

Posh Pixels – Helena Gown Gift. Available at Solaris FW AW15 Retail Area.  Mandala – Earrings. Baiastice – Arm Band. Hair by Analog Dog.


Italian cut dress held up by tiny spaghetti straps. It sinuously clings to the body by way of its armatures which travel vertically down its length, traversing its beautifully feminine flower print in perfect colors.

Sage – Madison Dress in Red. Vitalis Animatum Poses. Liziaah – Chandelier Earrings. Hair by Analog Dog.


Mon Ïle
Mon Ïle

Just Last Week

Porcelain – Moby

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