A Soft Cool Luxe


Soft nuances and whispers with high impact in the subtlest of ways. 

 Style Info

Click on the picture to enlarge it and you will be amazed at the fabric detail in this dress.  Exuding old world glam, the dress exalts your feminine curves.

The cut is very Dolce Gabbana like, cut very close to the body, embellished on top with oversized pailletes, slightly shirred for a natural look and held up with spaghetti straps.

This is the kind of dress to wear when you want to be elegant yet deliciously sexy. The Chandelier Earrings are all the rage and perfectly constructed in dark metal and diamonds. The dress is also available in a tempting plum.

LIZIAAH – De Luxe Dress in Blush  + De Luxe  Chandelier Earrings. Available at Sneak Peek until today. Bazar – Clock. 

Soft Touch

I am totally delighted with the lingerie above. The reason?  while the corset is mesh – and this is exactly how I like it –  the slip underneath comes in applier versions for most of your mesh bodies as well as for the system avi.  It certainly takes advantage of the available technology without using either one just because. Yes, there is method to her madness !!! 🙂

The corset in the softest and most feminine of fabric prints is riveted with tulle. The slip underneath is the sexiest thing I ´ve seen: tiny up front and even tinier on the back where it splits in two subtly exposing your … uhmhum…exactly!  Yet this little piece of detail remains slightly covered under the ruffle of tulle. This very French lingerie set is available in several unexpected color combinations.  Provocatrice !

Petit Chat – Soft Touch in Grey. Available at Sneak Peek until today. Finesmith – Necklace + Ring.


Soft Touch

A cropped wool crochet top with longish sleeves and a triangle cut off on the back exposing a bit of skin.  The lycra mini skirt is cut straight and sits low and it comes with an attached rope belt held up lariat style.

The fabric textures are all originals by Trinity Yazimoto. From her Regular Fall 2015 line. The top is also available in a fitted version besides the usual standard sizes. 4 color versions available : Pink & Blue, Red & Black, Salmon & Caramel, Teal & Fuchsia

Petit Chat – Shades of Cool in Red & Black available at  Sneak Peek. N-Core – Boots  & Thighs. Epoque – Bracelet. VITALIS ANIMATUM – Fifth Poses (image on left)

Hair in this story by Besom.

Shades of Cool- Lana del Rey

… And I can’t do nothing about his strange weather…

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  1. landacrystal says:

    LOL Bazz you are amazing at the things you know 🙂

  2. lifestyletalks.wordpress.com says:

    You’re so right about the first dress!

    1. landacrystal says:

      Wish I could send it to you!

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