¨Guenda¨ Wonder Woman is You! – Two Outfits for The Urban Heroine

FrutaCorn + High Holly

We can be our own heroine when we do what we know is the right thing to do.

It seems that my powers of manifestation are at and all time high, when I mention the inner heroine (few days ago)  and Shazam Boom! here is the perfect dress for it falling on my lap.

The modern urban super woman would definitely wear this.  Try out the dress for yourselves and most likely you will agree that it gives you a perfectly tempting silhouette with curves in all the right places and its cut higher on one thigh than the other in a circular motion.

It comes with a Color Changing Hud for both the dress´s print and the strings for different combinations. The Shoe booties are intricately constructed and made for Slink Feet.  The heel is certainly Gucci like with it´s bamboo detail.  Best part? They are available in all the colors of the rainbow!

The make up made for the Lelutka Mesh Head has a geometrical pattern over one eye and an acid fluo color on the other (eyes only).

FurtaCor – Hero Dress* Wonder Woman.Hollyhood High Holly Vanguard Heels in Orange. Both available at The 24th.  Slack Girl – Tammy Make Up for Lelutka Mesh Head also available at the 24. Hair by Rowne.

Guenda + Park Place
Guenda + Park Place

Given … if it´s feasible it´s nothing that a colorful dress in the right surroundings can´t solve.

The low scooped neckline dress is done short this time and with an array of spectacular color prints, the red one shown above.

The setting? Park Place Living Room, complete with couch, arm chairs, ottomans, coffee table, side tables, lamps and two different sets of decorative trays.

H.M.A.E.M – Guenda dress in red. Ashford Living Room Set by Park Place. Both Available at The 24.    .Shi – Jewelry. Hair by Rowne.

Under The Milky Way Tonight – The Church

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  1. Great styling concept!♡

    1. landacrystal says:

      Thank you Cheska!!! you made my day 🙂

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