My Head´s a Mesh – French Lingerie and a New Exotic Head

Petit Chat
Petit Chat

….  And  the only thing that is unchangeable inside the revolving doors of my self, is the love I´ve put into everything that  I´ve  ever done.  Including you.  Yes, YOU!

Style Info:

A material´s enabled set of lingerie with lace / silk bottoms and bra. It also comes with a camisole to wear to bed, around the home or, French-like, under your tailored clothing.   It features a playful bow on the back as well as several smaller on the front. Available in several colors at this month´s round of Apply Me!

Petit Chat – Sexy Dream Lingerie Set  Appliers in Cherry + Undershirt Mesh Camisole.   Molichino – Necklace.  Mandala – Bracelet. Shoes – Azoury. Hair by Truth.


A new and very particular mesh head above.  It´s most striking feature being the true pouty lips.  Worn with eyebrows or without (as above), the head comes in  all the available colors from the brand and with feature specific make up, from the palest to the darkest one.  The Mesh Head is available at this round of Apply Me!

Jumo – Alexa Mesh Head and skin in Cream (no brows) + Eyelashes + Eyeliner + Lip  + Hip Glam Outfit in Gold (wear it with or without the under trousers).

It comes with the jewelry displayed and a monocle (not shown).  Hair by Analog Dog.  I tried the Analog Dog hair later on with the lelutka Mesh Head and unfortunately the rigged mesh  hair did not fit me even as I tried to adjust the head stretch and longitude.  However when wearing the Jumo Mesh Head – which was my original intention – it does.

Definitely try a demo.  If you wear a system avi, then you will not have a problem since all you have to do is wear the alpha layer.

xoxo, Landa

The Police – Voices Inside My Head

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