Moana & Shake – Outfits with Several Possibilities


She took off across the chilly winds. Twirling and dancing around in the air she mustered the will to land forward into her proper place.

Style Info:

A complete outfit with a myriad of possibilities.  A double layer flirty skirt sitting at the waist is worn with a bustier top in silk and lace.

A short sleeved leather jacket provides the perfect coverage for transition weather and comes embellished with belts and metal hardware.  A flower brooch and a head wrap are included.

This outfit can easily be styled for:

  • A flirty biker chic
  • An 80s revival rock diva
  • A Sexy modern, stylish witch (Broom or vacuum cleaner? always optional! 🙂

Gizza – Shake with me in Black.  Zaara – Underwear and Hose. Maitreya – Booties. Epoque – Bracelet.



Sexy lingerie set in an original mesh with a sumptuous printed pattern.  The bikini bottoms have a detailed bow right on the back.

The top is a cropped bustier that can be worn with many other items.  Available in Pink, Black and Teal. What can you use it for?

  • As is!
  • Pairing the bustier with an ample, long skirt for a formal occasion
  • Wear it with slacks or jeans for a night out dancing
  • To take one last dip in the water. Don´t worry this kind of fabric won´t get ruined! 🙂

RAPTURE™ –  Moana Lingerie Set in Pink.  Hucci – High Heels. .Shi – Necklace.  7891– Rings.

Hair in this story by Truth.

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Alabama  Shakes – Don´t Wanna Fight

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