Five Oneiric Fashion Trends to Consider

Bohemian Princess
Boho Princess

An eclectic sample of fashion trends, these outfits do share one thing in common:  an abstract quality of sorts.

Either thru their shape or prints,  they seem gifted with the ability to ready us into manifesting inside our dreams.

Style Info:

Princess like separates that are sexy and majestic at the same time within their bohemian spirit.

A long, low slung, ample skirt, constructed with a move like feel is paired with a matching cropped top that has a high neck and short sleeves. The print recalls ethnicity  at its best and it´s available in several colors.

Ghee – Abundance Set in Artichoke.  Available at Color Me Project. Bliss – Vintage Bracelets. Hair by Truth. Manicure by Nailed It.

The Short Flirty Dress
The Short Flirty Dress

Fully covered and yet flirty through its shape and print. Sleeveless, cut close to the body then opening in a narrow ruffle on the hem.

The whimsical pattern is available in several colors. The dress makes me feel well dressed and at ease at the same time. A white version is available as a group gift!

BYRNE – DarlingAnna Dress in Pastel Green Mix.  Maitreya – Booties. Hair by Damselfly

Home Acquarious
The Subtle Art of Revelation

The art of showing skin without showing anything at all!  An asymmetrical skirt cut in lovely curves that follow the sinuosity of the body in unexpected ways.

It goes very high on one side only and the exposure of skin is offset by the high cut of the waist.

The top is available in matching or contrasting prints as shown above. It sits below the skirt´s upper edge and yet it´s left completely open in the back for a surprising effect.

Byrne – DarlingAnna  Asymmetrical Skirt in Pastel Blue Mix + DarlingAnna Top (Gacha) in white.

Summer Freeze
Night Slip Daytime Dressing

Easy like worn cotton and soft as a nightgown.  The fact is you can either spend your days wearing them, use them for sitting at home or take them to bed.

Sleeveless, with a  scoop neckline, the hem is shorter in the front than on the back, revealing the best part of your legs.  Available in several beautifully dreamlike prints.

Ghee – Deidre Dress and Necklace. For The FAD Event. Mandala Bracelet. Hair by Entwined.

Getting Chilly
Flared Coat Jackets

Spinning from the 90s, short enough to be called jacket yet long enough to be called coat.

With a fabric wrap belt that sits on the upper waist, button details and realistic embroidery.

Ghee – Project Coat for Color me Project.  Maitreya – Tights.

I Go to Sleep – SIA


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