Upgrading Your Wardrobe with Affordable Style

Luxurious Textures
Luxurious Textures

Nothing feels better than snatching a good quality item at a price we can afford. Even in SL!

One of these outfits is a group gift, another one is extremely well priced, one has added value that doubles its worth while yet another one extends its value by the use of separates.

Style Info:

The look and feel of printed suede makes the chemise style dress with 3/4 length sleeves (above) very luxurious and a pleasure to wear.

The glaucous under color is topped by a medium goldenrod print with laser cuts on the top in an abstract panther design.  The look is relaxed, fresh and a little bit subversive.

This dress in 3 different colors, will take you from shopping to the club or a date in a flash.

Extra Value: excellent workmanship, versatility of use, very stylish + Free for their VIP Group.

RAPTURE™ – Leilani VIP Gift in Bluff. Epoque – Bracelet.  .Shi – Ring + Hair. GoK – Vintage Earrings. Hucci – Boots. We´re Closed -Rug.

RAPTURE™ Marketplace:
RAPTURE™ Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2689197@N22/
RAPTURE™ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/RAPTURE/679570202103915?ref=hl
RAPTURE™ Blog: https://rapturebyginrayna.wordpress.com/
Sensual Rocker
Sensual Rocker

While the previous outfit addresses many of your fashion needs during transition weather, the one above is meant for the serious rocker sensualist in you.

The skirt clings to the curves of your body (in this case Maitreya). It´s extremely high detailed and even shirred around its belt loops.  The style is almost cargo, but then it is topped by a strapless ultra sexy corset that is riveted in metal hardware (grommets and chains).

All black, but available with gold or silver hardware versions, the outfit also comes with sexy t-strap platform sandals with a link chain to match both versions.

Extra Value: Super sexy, high detailed outfit with separate items so you can double it´s use + the shoes are included!

LRD – Chained Dress + Shoes  (Gold Version) Available at this August Sneak Peek Round until September 5th.   .Shi – Jewelry. Hair by Entwined. Bazar – Artwork.

All The Gowns in The World
All The Gowns in The World

If you only need one gown, this would be the one to own.  The classically cut gown with its very low portrait neckline, is meant to be worn with the oversized flower stole.

This gown comes with literally ENDLESS options for color changing via a HUD to multiply the value of your Lindens. Careful though! The stole is not resizable, so make sure you try the demo first specially if you are wearing a mesh body.

Extra Value: Smooth classically cut formal gown. Silky textured. It offers more than 24 different color combinations. Did I mention it is super well priced?

LENNIE – Filipiniana – Gown. Available at Designer ShowCase. Jumo – Artsy Earring. + ring. Hair by Diva. 

The Shorts Have it!
The Shorts Have it!

In some parts of the world it is still summer time.  So, what do you wear to keep cool and go the extra mile?  A perfect set of well tailored shorts and a shirt that comes with a texture (not color) changing HUD to go from cotton to textured silk.

The shorts belt color can  be changed via HUD. The cut is EXTREMELY well made and it looks good and natural from all angles.  These items are sold separately so you can wear them also with what you already own. Both are available in different colors.

Extra Value: Beauty + high quality. They sell separately: buy the shirt or the pants or both.

Gizza – Mara Shorts + Safari Shirt both in Terracota + Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses  with Floral Relief (worn on hand). Mandala – Bracelets.  ME – Gems DriftWood Earrings and necklace. ieQED – Ring set. Bazar – Artwork. Hair by Entwined. 

Jonny – Lang – A Quitter Never Wins

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  1. lifestyletalks.wordpress.com says:

    Nothing feels better than snatching a good quality item at a good price: so true! Love the shorts outfit!

  2. landacrystal says:

    TY Bazza, nice of of you to say!

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