More to It?


I am beginning to believe that there might be something more to the Art of Feng Shui than just mere common sense (i.e. don´t leave toys on a stair).  Every time I change my decor in SL, something about my SL life changes.

It´s become so common by now that I´ve come to expect the changes and sometimes I change my surroundings on purpose.  Funny hah?

Style Info:

This is one of those dresses that I wished I had discovered before. Super versatile, sexy and extremely wearable.  In mat jersey prints, ¨V¨neck, and cut very, very low on the back highlighting its Brazilian origins. The dress comes with a color print changing HUD!

Jumo – Valeria.  Jumo – Dutchess Bracelet and Earrings. Hair by Truth.



The difference in this dress is all about its shimmery, Cavalli like print and versatile elegance. It also comes with a color print change HUD.

 Jumo – Louise Dress.  Kungler´s – Necklace.  Jumo – Durban Royal Ring. KC – Shoes.  Hair by Truth.


A beautiful and out of the ordinary dress with a  deeply cut cowl neck down to there.  The neckline is riveted in silk.  The rest of the dress comes in an elegant and subdued abstract, paillete print.  Easy dressing at its best.

Jumo – Spring Time Dress.  MG – Necklace.  Addict– Vintage Bracelet. KC – Shoes. Hair by Lelutka.

Hozier – Someone New

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