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Every so often the relationship I keep with myself must be revealed, renewed.  Self contracts must be revised, with no outside influences nor influencers, without regards to anything other but self.

When I keep changing, exploring and learning constantly (it´s not a given), the person I was a year ago, is not necessarily who I am today. It gives me a chance to observe and nurture the self.

Connecting and being attuned to our emotions while loving unconditionally sets the basis for all that which we can give the rest.  

Perhaps this is the secret to eternal youth and the innate refusal to ever get bored.

Style Info

An outfit in which I could live in. With an original, versatile wearability, the crunched up silk,two toned, sleeveless, cropped top is slightly iridescent.

The skirt is sensually worn low on the hip, very short with its gathered drape to one side, which then falls ruffle-like down the thigh.

Both the top and skirt are available in an array of different colors and all have these amazing 3D textures.

RAPTURE™ – Bekleed Top Tan and Skirt Sack in Pink. Osakki – Vintage Bracelet.  GOK – Vintage Earrings. Hair by Truth.

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Ghee Butterfly
Ghee Butterfly

We may sometimes look back momentarily if someone is shouting our name, but it´s always best to keep going our way. N´set-ce pas? When this happens we want to look good on both sides and this outfit does the trick.

Low slung tailored shorts are worn with a butterfly cut halter top that ties and secures in the back.  All sequined and available in different colors by way of HUD.

Ghee – Bullion Butterfly Halter Top + Bullion Shorts.  Bliss – Vintage bangles. Hair by Lelutka.


The strapless mini dress with sequined texture, has a zipper closure from beginning to end that´s begging to be released.  Available in different colors via HUD it is the perfect outfit to dance the night away!

Ghee – Bullion Mini Dress. JC – Earrings.  Jumo Andromeda Necklace. Hair by Truth.

Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself

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  1. says:

    That’s a luxurious Ghee Butterfly!

    1. landacrystal says:

      hahah Yes Life! it is ! xoxoxo

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