A Whole New World


Have your thoughts ever changed so rapidly from one day to the next as if in roller coaster?  

It´s something that goes beyond mere moodiness and more like our minds begin to explore different scenarios thus affecting the way we feel.  

Right now I´m having a blast with mine observing the possibilities of perhaps going where I never dared before.



  • LM Training Models (their only training of the year) will begin this week. Classes will be taught in English, Spanish and Portuguese and they are open to models, both male and females, with at least some previous modeling experience. I will be teaching the English Courses and these will take place every Tuesday and Thursday.  Those of you interested in registering, please contact Locuala Madruga Inworld.
  • If you are interested in Second Life and Anthropology you can´t miss this Episode of the Drax Files featuring Professor Tom Boellstorff  from the Universtity of California at Irvine. Professor Boellstorff, known for his work as a Digital Anthropologist, is also the co-author of Ethnography and Virtual Worlds from Princeton University Press.  Fascinating!
  • A new tool for a  more immersive experience?  The other day I went to the Amazon River in SL to get replacements for my pet piranhas, no, not really! I went to take some pictures and was extremely surprised to find a SIM of extreme realism. It was also simmering with activity and it generally seemed to be more energized than any other non-shopping event SIM I´ve been to recently.  Something that caught my eye, was that every so often a dialogue box appeared asking me to authorize something called Experience Keys.  Not knowing what these where I actually refused them 99 times before my work was done. Later on I realized that it had to do with a new advantage provided by Linden Labs for its Premium Members which allows both creators and users a more seamless experience without having to be bombarded by constant script dialogues.  To learn more about what it is and what it can do for us, click here.

Style Info:

(Picture above) An easy little set to look your best in when you really don´t feel like spending precious time accessorizing or styling.   A belted  ¨A¨line cut flirty skirt is topped by a breezy yet tapered sleeveless shirt.  It comes with color changing HUD so you can choose the color and print combo that suits your taste and mood best. A look of sexy wisdom for sure.

Gizza – Sophia Sleeveless Top & Skirt in Lemon.  Mons – Bracelet.  Hair  by Truth.


One of them Bond Girl swimsuit looks cut in an inverted triangle and belted on the hips.  The buckle with its golden hardware matches the subtle and elegant marine print on the suit.

Cut high on the legs and narrow on both the front and back, the look is full bosomed and strapless.

Liziaah – Ariel Mesh Bathing Suit. Bliss – Vintage Bracelets.  LaGyo – Headband. Hair by Lelutka.


Almost like a preview of what´s to come, the outfit above is perfect for transitioning weather.  The flirty pleated skirt is worn under a sleeveless shirt that´s worn untucked and topped by a slightly cropped knit.

This set is available in a full array of solid colors and prints on both the skirt and knit.

Gizza – Cassie Double Shirt in Black + Cassie Pleated Skirt in Purple Blossom .  Epoque -Cuff. Hair by Truth.

Beth Hart – Get Your (S…t) Together

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  1. lifestyletalks.wordpress.com says:

    The Gizza outfit looks SO cute!

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