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Everything has an expiration and due date; some sooner, some later.

Artificially made things degrade slowly and in the most awful way, because they´re unable to  find a like outlet for its energy to be re-absorbed.

Natural however, degrades by aging and adaptation, eventually changing so that it invariably, becomes part of a bigger greater thing.  

Style Info

A gorgeous little two piece set with a color changing HUD for innumerable mix and match variations.  The miniskirt is slightly flared and sits very low on the hip.

The cropped top, has a full round collar.  The silhouette is simple and airy while turning the back, midriff and legs into erogenous zones.

The spartan like leather sandals also come with a color hud so you can match it to better suit your choices.

Ghee – Nature Mini & Crop Top + Natura LE Sandals.  Limited Edition for the Fashion Limited until August 30. Mandala – Bracelets. Yummy – Necklace. Hair by Truth.

Du Jour
Du Jour

An airy summer dress with cut outs in both the front and back making it specially suited for the summer.  The batik like cotton print is slightly oriental in its feel.

It comes in regular standard sizes as well as fitted to several mesh bodies.

Du Jour – Lily Summer Dress. Available at The Stuff Sales Room. LaGyo – Necklace. Hair by Truth.

Special thanks

To Joy Larkspur for teaching me something that perhaps many of you know but I did´nt.  You can keep yourself from seeing ugly yellow ban lines in world by turning them off ( World —> Show More  —>un-click Ban Lines )  Thank you Joy!

Back to Life – Soul II Soul


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  1. says:

    Love the sandals!

    1. landacrystal says:

      Hi Life! tysm. They are Ghee xox

      1. says:

        My pleasure Landa!

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