The Fischer Inside us All


I had never really heard her name, although many times, I had been delighted by her magnificent voice.  Possessor of an enormous talent, she went unrecognized as a backup singer for too long a time.

In spite of her Grammy Award, her beauty, her incredible career as well as her extraordinary talent never achieved the world wide stardom it deserved. 

After watching some of her performances, and thanks in part to a Jagger who felt secure enough to highlight her during his performances, I was left to ponder that more often than not, money and fame eludes those who are truly talented and dedicated.  

There is indeed a Lisa Fischer in every metier, in every path, in every chosen career and profession in every corner of this world.

They come in many nationalities, different colors, races, age, beliefs and gender.  Although they lack their due recognition, to me, they are highly successful just like her.

How many Lisa Fischer´s have you met in Second Life alone? At least one. I know, because one way or another, there is one of her, in all of us.

Style Info

A master of the creative theatrical, these designs have a way to amp the impact of otherwise simple forms. Case in point the halter dress above but with two slits on the front that go all the way up the thigh.

The whimsically organic print and the sophisticated hat with flower details on the lower side, sets it apart.

Byrne – Cassandra Deco Gown in Citrus + Hat. Baiastice – Bracelet. Hair by Rowne.



A sexy mini skirt is crowned by an even sexier top.  It criss-crosses around the neck and goes back around the upper waist where it ties.  The batik like print is available in several colors.  The daisy brooch securing the neckline is included.

Byrne – Zuka Wrapped Top and Skirt in Blue Denim. Exclusive for Fashion Limited + Ison – Jewelry. Hair by Letutka.

The Rolling Stones Feat Lisa Fischer – Gimme Shelter

¨…Love is just a kiss away …¨

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  2. landacrystal says:

    My dearest Bazza thank you so much for seeing her in the same light I do! xxxx

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