Sometimes I wish I was as optimistic as an ¨A¨ line Dior skirt back in the 50s or a  noobie who believes in their power to amaze by way of  just the beauty of their AVI.  

Style Info

Two years after the war, Dior launched the ¨New Look¨silhoutte and with it an optimistic fashion outlook that went on for over a decade.  It was a look of excess fabric with ample hips, longer skirts, a generous bosom and a wasp-like waist conforming to the curves of those very sensual women.

Corolle was one of the main two silhouettes that took over the tiny runway in 1947; a revolution in fashion was created.  Wearing the outfit above is like jumping back to a simpler, happier and altogether perfect time that we have come to idolize.

Ghee – La Corolle Vert Vintage Dress with colour changing HUD in different shades of green from the palest to the darkest one + La Corolle – Pumps + La Corolle Clutch @Color Me  Project until today, then later at the main store.   Mandala – Jewelry + Diva Hair – Kelly



Jumping forward to our contemporary times, the look above is the perfect easy and thin as a summer breeze dress.  Held together by crisscrossed strings in the back and scooped deep into the neckline, this beautiful summer dress is available in several solid shades as well as in two Hindu inspired prints combined to perfection. I´m planning on wearing them to the beach, a party and even perhaps to bed?!

Gizza – Madelyn Dress in Soil + Tableau Vivant Hair – Ten @HairFair. Miel – Bracelet (right) + Meva – Bracelet (left) + necklace @the season´s story.


Even though I did try to capture the effects of this dress I have to admit I failed. The gown above is a definite different experience.

The slip gown with a sexy criss-cross back comes with dark clouds to wear over your head, lighting and water poodle effect to add and raindrops slipping over the fabric.

If you have ever identified with a deep, profound and passionate storm this is the dress for you. Available in several colours. Make sure that you at least try the demo so you can appreciate it´s full experience and effect as there are no words to describe it. Click here to experience the Mari on video!

Ghee – Mari Grown in Purple @The Instruments + Diva Hair – Ariel @Collabor 88.

Rattle That Lock – David Gilmore

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    Merci mon chéri xoxx

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