Full Colors


The only full vivid color dreams I ever have are those about Second Life or about people I know in SL just like my RL memories are before and after the revolution.  

The ones I keep of times during that particular hiatus are all in black and white.

Style Info:

I love the vivid colors of Lennie´s creations as well as her style.  Each time I put a Lennie on I feel like having fun.  This banded dress is constructed a little bit like an Hervé Léger but made in lace. The dress is made of fabric bands and kept very short.

A pink ¨V¨ holds it together and is embellished with metal grommets.   This is the kind of clothing I want to wear to either a club or the bar du jour.    I chose to wear it with a mesh body so I used a slip panty in the same color of the pink front band for a touch of indiscreet contrast.

Lennie – Strappy Dress Butter .  Exile – Hair (@collabor 88). .Shi– Ring. Epoque – Bracelet. Zaara – Chanchal Lingerie

Vero Modero
Vero Modero

Lots more going on with the full color theme this time in a cute, sexy romper.  The top is stripped wide and haltered while the high waisted bottom part is solid.  It is available in several colors so you can choose the best one to highlight your unique skin coloring.

In RL I simply love my Pare Gabia espadrilles from France.  Available also in Spain and certain parts of Italy, although they have stores in other places.  I have gone to great lengths to get a hold on a pair, so in SL I am simply loving the ones pictured above as the perfectly chic ¨paisan¨ summer shoes!

Vero Modero – Romper in Pink & Light Blue + Kirin – Beach Ball + Lelutka Hair@HairFair + Yummy – Necklace. !!Smesh – Espradrilles in Pink for Slink Flat Feet.


A racy tank top in a double tone and a cuffed up skinny jean.  The set comes with a short sleevee jacket (not shown) that can be worn in matching or contrasting hues. The ensemble comes with a color change HUD so you can mix and match the critrusy colors.

Lennie – Colors of Desireme Trousers and Top + Ison – Bag + Lelutka Hair@HairFairMeva – Bracelet and necklace (@The Seasons Story).

Ojos Color Sol – Calle 13. Feat. Silvio Rodríguez

(Eyes The Color of The Sun)


English Lyrics

Today the sun hid itself and refused to come out
It saw you awaken and got scared of dying
You opened your eyes and the sun put away its art brush
Because you paint the landscape much better than it

When your prettiness awakens
Any constellation becomes insecure
Your beauty smells of morning
and feeds me all thru the week

Your eyes make magic, they are magicians, you opened them
and now they reflect on the mountains and the lakes
And the only absolute truth
Is that when you were born
The trees to fruits gave birth

Sweet orange; the sowing of a cherub
The sun was scared and hid in a cloud

Today the sun is not required, it´s in a recess
The Vitamin D is given by you with a kiss

The moon comes out to walk following your pupils
the night shines with originality after you look at it
Nobody knows anymore how to be happy by ways of a spiritual cleaning
That´s thanks to you and your eyes

You are a verse in reverse; a reverse
You woke up and you circled my universe
Now you can get to the top, going down the mountains
The earth no longer goes round, you go around for the earth
In the war kisses are given; nobody fights anymore
Today the chickens moo and the cows cluck
The worms and the sea life catch the baits
Thru the sea we fly and we navigate the heavens
Flowers grow on the sand, the rain falls on the deserts
Now dreams are real, because they are dreamt awaken
That dream is secure and here it´s reproduced
And the innocence at last does not hide behind the lights
The shortage of food has become delicious
Because our stomachs are full of butterflies
The galaxy reveals its hidden shire
And in the earth it seems as if life has just begun

Medicine is taught at the military academies
And the Banquers give away homes and food
Nobody remembers how to be happy by way of a spiritual cleaning
Because of your eyes.

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Tysm ma Sunshine! 🙂

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