There is something to be said about the subdued qualities of a Sepia Tone. Almost dreamlike in its feel and acting as a tint, be it in water or photographs or prints.  Like a mystical delusion that suddenly colors everything a single tone and perhaps keeps us from seeing the full spectrum of life.

The good part about a tint is that unless it´s set permanently, it almost always can be made to simply  wash away.

Style Info:

The previously released kimono (part of a set)  is now made available on it´s own.  In silk and riveted in fringe; it´s opened on the front.  The perfect luxuriously leisure cover and available in several prints and colors.

Vero Modero – (left) Kimono Jacket in Roses + Zaara – Chanchal Lingerie in Mocha.  (Right) Kimono Jacket in Dragon + Zaara – Chanchal Lingerie in Ruby + Lelutka Hair@HairFair.

Summer Shorts
Summer Shorts

Another version of a summer essential.  The baggy, cuffed up shorts in denim, topped with a richly textured top. Scooped-out necked on the front, it criss-crosses on the cropped up back and is available in several prints and colors.

Vero Modero – Summertime Shorts in Rose Pink + Zaara – Goa Bracelets + Yummy – Necklace + Tableau Vivant Hair – @HairFair.


A light short mesh dress in buttery nude colors with cutouts on the front and sides.  Also available in lighter hues, it comes with a magnificent summer hat (not shown) that fits perfectly with or without hair.

Vero Modero – Summer Love Dress Nude #6. + .Shi – Ring + Mandala – Bracelets + Yummy – Necklace + Tableau Vivant Hair@HairFair.

Rudimental – Never Let You Go

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Dee Darwin says:

    Sepia Tone – my dream images are all with this defused haze that wash away as I wake.
    Love the pics Landa, but then I always do…


    1. landacrystal says:

      Tight hugs ma Dee !!! you know my dreams also are in such tones !!! xoxoxox

      1. Dee Darwin says:

        Then of course they can’t be nightmares, they are to soft warm and secure xoxoxo

        Oh I’ll swear Gidges kitteh is a panther, eye check time lol

      2. landacrystal says:

        Erhmmm I kind of figured that one !!! but ok they can give nice hugs when not overly affectionate as in (yumm I love this taste ) xoxo

    2. Dee Darwin says:

  2. landacrystal says:

    Thank you so very much Mr. B! xxi

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