Nailing Treasures

Ever ´an Angel
Ever ´an Angel

Beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder, for despite evidence to the contrary, it is not really an exact science. We twist it and we bend it, pinch it, squeeze it  or caress it according to our very own version of reality.


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Pic 1

A set of designed nails for you Slinks with an intriguing silhouetted horizon. The applier comes with 9 different colors all with a deep and light hue in the colors of a magnificent sunset. Ever ´An Angel Tone-Tropical Horizons Nails for Slinks. Exclusively available at Apply Me! until July 20th.  Lamb – Want You Hair.

Pic 2

A flowered necklace that doubles as a top. Worn in a deep green and paired with purple and textured bikini bottoms.  Zibska – Necklace + !!Smesh – Pink Mesh Bikini.  Hair by Lamb.

Kimbra – Goldmine

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Darling Bazz, I can´t thank you enough for being part of mine. xxxooooxxx

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