Sometimes it´s  best to pretend to ignore your own capacities and abilities and allow the other person to be … Unless, of course,  we are talking about political (or any other kind)  corruption when enough has been enough, specially in impoverished countries or those with very little natural resources. xox Landa

Style Info

The seductive and sexy black queen ensemble from the Fantasy Angels has now arrived at Rapture´s main-store in four precious colors, smoky quarts, emerald, onyx and sapphire. This original mesh look is stunning and elegant with sparkling particles on the wings, flexi fringes, and chiffon ruffles.

Rapture – Fantasy Angel Black Queen in Smokey Quartz.  Avril – High Heeled Boots with Studs.  Truth – Minerva Hair + Head Jewel.  Chary – Bracelets.

Brii Underground
Brii Underground

Brianna Passiflora´s outfit above is perfect for role-play, just feeling fierce or both.  All in leather, the top acts like a harness alongside its many metal grommets and belts.  The skirt is short and flirty without losing an ounce of sexy aggressiveness.  Belted and bouncy.   The armbands are included.  It comes with Slink and Wowmeh Tatoo Appliers (I worn mine without) as well as with the leather boots, choker, earrings and a diadem.  All in perfectly mysterious black.

Brii Underground – Myrcella Black Version Post Apocalypse.  Lamb – Hair Zelda.

Incubus – Megalomaniac

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Thank you so very much ma Bazz!

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