Ending The Game of Words


In the closed up environment within a society that tries to exert control thru the careful manipulation of opinions, more often than not,  some have the courtesy and respect to not pay attention to gossip – televised or not.

When in doubt,  they usually excuse themselves with the protagonist and ask him or her directly if the rumor´s  true or not.  They do this with the greatest caring and respect,  the same that they would like bestowed upon them.  Facing them straight up, they look them in the eye and ask their question directly from a place of kindness and a willingness to understand.  

Not once has anyone taken offense at this in my environment.  On the contrary.  They seem to appreciate the fact that instead of presuming that the gossip is true some actually care enough to ask instead of passing the ball of inaccuracy around to the next one in line.

Style Info:

A free flowing printed paisley silk skirt. Sitting low on the waist it is topped with a suede string halter top adorned with fringe on the slanted triangles.  The fringe increases the bust size, so my recommendation is to wear it with medium to small assets ;).

Rayne Couture – La Boheme in Leaf/Violet. Available at Sneak Peek until July 5th. Bliss – Bracelets (left. Vintage).  Jumo – Gisele Fire Opal Bracelet, earrings and head jewel.  Hair by Entwined


Strapless lace short dress with a rounded triangle skirt.  It cinches at the waist with a leather braid in a contrasting color adorned with metal hardware. The overtly sexy shoes, lined with the same fabric, are included.  Perfect for almost any informal occasion, it is available in two other colors.

Smesh! – Pink Loose Dress and Mules, available at Sneak Peak Until July 5th. Jumo – Gisele Amethyst Bracelet. Hair by Little Bones.


Strapless jumpsuit with a scalloped plunging neckline.  The upper side in solid black matches the background of the Dolce Gabbana inspired flowered print below. This jumpsuit is available at Sneak Peek until July 5th and is free to all Rayne Couture Group Members.

Rayne Couture – Jumpsuit in Blossom.  Bliss – bangles (vintage).  Hat and Mask by Diram.  Hair by Truth.

End of The Game – Sting & Polish Radio Symphony

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ever Afterr says:

    You look so beautiful, Landa! Love the soft dreaminess of your pictures. I’m in awe! ♥

    1. landacrystal says:

      Hi Ever thanks so much. I think the sim´s natural wind light had a lot to do with it. xox

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