Rien de Rien


I think you are absolutely right about regrets not being worth our time – She said

But only after recognizing and facing the fact that we have them – when have them –  are we ever allowed to move on.

In any case, this is about the choices we make, the paths that we take,  consciously or not.

We always had good reasons for the decision made. 

Style Info:

Strapless gown with an arabesque pattern and embroidery.  Siren cut,  with beautiful voiles of silk tulle sprouting from the mid-thighs down. Jumo – Orient Gown in Pink + Orient Jewelry in Bright Diamonds.


Strapless gown in a gorgeous silk print with short off the shoulder sleeves.  Jumo – Dubai Gown in White (includes brooch) + Jumo Bright Diamonds Earrings.


Flamboyant evening grown with a deep plunging heart neckline and a racy back. The red silk is covered in elegantly sequined tulle from the hip down. The sequines also covers the magnificent raised back stole. Jumo Sheherazade Gown in Blood + Jumo DeOrus Diamond Jewelry.


Finally, this gown with its abstract pattern and rare color combination is a winner in part thanks to its unusual pointed neckline.  Jumo – Persia Gown in Teal Gold + Jumo Fascination Teal Jewelry.

Season of the Witch – Terry Reid

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  1. landacrystal says:

    Même pas moi 🙂

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