Sometimes, even the simplest things in life, require the courage to face them, change them, twist them, absorb them, understand and embrace them or throw them out so we can get out of our comfort zone.

A beautiful trapeze dress in the inimitable style of Petit Chat by Trinity Yazimoto. The fabric in precious silk is highly textured and materials enabled.  Short and flirty, the dress is perfect for a night out allowing you to be sexy without the need to expose.  PC – Entwined dress in red. Baiastice – Arm Bracelet. Truth – Hair.

Trouble main ad
Photo by PinkRayne

I could have certainly taken my own shot at this, however I would not have been able to top Pink Rayne´s pic of me in her own creation.  A two piece ensemble that is mismatched and fun. The trousers are half shorts and half skinnies. Topped with a military cut jacket with four golden buttons down the front it still exposes a bit of midriff.  The thigh high boot worn with a different colored bootie is a purposefull mismatch bringing a bit of exuberant extravagance to her proposal. Rayne Couture – Trouble Set in Khaki + Dirt Thigh High Boots + High Ankle Peeptoe Boot in Nude. .Shi – Vintage Ring.  Lelutka – Hair.


Like a cat on a hot tin roof, this fitted sensual dress in magnificent lace has a deep yet elegant neckline and ends just below the knees.  It looks a bit like a slip from the 50s but has a much more luxurious fabric and  sensual feel. Ryvolter – Lela Dress in Red. Yummy – Necklace. Shi – Vintage Ring.  Little Bones – Hair. What Next – Vanity.

Phoenix – Trying to be Cool


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dee Darwin says:

    Is it not the “simple things” when not dealt with tend to grow and can consume all ones energy?


    1. landacrystal says:

      That reminds me that my closet is a mess lol and threatening not to let me get out of it alive ! So very true DD xoxox

      1. Dee Darwin says:

        lol Landa, I have a similar problem – xoxxo

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