Among many other things, there´s always a bit of the Frida and Lysistrata archetypes in all of us. Although I am a little bit off timing with at least one of this costumes I just could not help but post them.  Each person does bring it´s own unique sense of style and mood. 


The Atlas Syndrome, the nurturer. The protector with inner strength. Enduring & endearing. In need of security and safety. Retentive; supportive yet in need of support. Profound, generous, proud and vain yet patient.  Dignified, self-respecting, loyal and sincere. The beauty in the beast. 



Directrice, coach, overseer and observer. The mastermind of a witty, serious leader.  The female political voice in a male-dominated state. The spiritual feminist. The warrior. The priestess (?), a strategist, a non-subservient intello-chic. A genius and both: Aphrodite and Athena like.

Style Info:

Pic 1

Gizza – Frida Inpiration + Colorful Bangles. JUMO – DeOrus Diamond Earrings. Tram – Hair.

Pic 2

Gizza – Lysistrata Fantasy Costume.  Yummy – Necklace.  ArisAris – Basic Instinct Boots.  Lelutka – Hair. Glam Affair – Wings.


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  1. landacrystal says:

    Hey Bazz,

    To tell you the truth – and probably because of my own background – I have always considered that Fashion, when done in a certain way can definitely be considered as part of the arts.

    However there is a long standing huge debate on the subject by those in the known. Even famous fashion designers consider it not to be a part of the arts.

    However, as per the Oxford Dictionary, Art = The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

    In other words Bazz … in my book you´ve got it right! 😀 xxxx

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